Osaka Punch – Stonk (2016)


“What the hell is this!!!”

My opening thoughts as I began to listen to Brisbane based outfit ‘Osaka Punch’.

Osaka Punch’s music could be described as groove laden funk rock. It could be described as progressive metal pop. It could just be the wackiest, grooviest, most interesting thing I’ve heard all year. I wanna party to this music. I wanna dive off my couch to this music. The blend of low-tuned guitars, feel good grooves, catchy vocal hooks and quirky surprises puts them in the league of their own. Hands down one of the most fun and intriguing artists in our heavy music scene.

Production values are high and sounds really good up loud. (highly recommended)

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Colibrium – In Balance (2016)


‘In Balance’ is the debut album from Adelaide band ‘Colibrium’. This music reminds me of everything great about the late 90’s and early 2000’s hard rock and cross-over metal bands. The songs are melodic, lead and solo breaks are tasteful and masterfully executed, the hooks are all there, drums are fantastic but despite all the praise this group isn’t bringing anything new to the table.  Continue reading Colibrium – In Balance (2016)

Sentinel – The Fabrication / 2014 (Single)

Sentinel - The Fabrication / 2014 (Single)

Melbourne based ‘Sentinel’ have released a new single for free D/L via the bands bandcamp page. This track has all the trademark “beow…djent..chugga” bits and crazy guitar noodling matched with enough deep growls and screams to scare ya Mum. But… there’s an added ambient/instrumental section in the middle with clean guitars (similar to moments that appered in some of the bands earlier work) and it really gells well and grabbed my attention! Im pretty tired of this style..but these lads will be well worth your time 🙂 Really liked it!

RIYL: Northlane, Prepared Like a Bride, Structures, Born Of Osiris .. (aka djenty metal stuff)