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Hemina – Venus (2016)


Music snobs beware: never judge a book by it’s cover.. and the same goes for music. I won’t beat around the bush, the artwork, the title, the bio and overall package just puts me off. It screams ‘this is not gonna be your thing Sean, don’t bother with it’. How wrong I was. Continue reading Hemina – Venus (2016)

Whitefall – Origins (EP) 2016


Canberra’s newcomers Whitefall are releasing their debut EP ‘Origins’ on March 4th The band has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing this for release and the production quality definitely displays some engineering craftsmanship. Thick and full sounding guitars bend and chug away, the drums are sharp and cut through just the right way and vocals are well set on top of the mix. Continue reading Whitefall – Origins (EP) 2016