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Drown This City – Bend/Break (single) 2017


Well..if this isn’t a welcome step up for Drown This City! The new single ‘Bend/Break’ sounds better from a production value angle as well as song writing. Perfect. Pardon me waiter..we’ll order 9 more of these please to go, no more appetisers. Thanks.

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Sleepmakeswaves – Tundra (single) 2017


The swirling synth lines and guitar tones that open up our first taste of new music from Sleepmakeswaves since 2014 are familiar and yet uncertain. You just don’t know where it’s all going to go and it doesn’t take long to ease that tension. Continue reading Sleepmakeswaves – Tundra (single) 2017

Osaka Punch – Stonk (2016)


“What the hell is this!!!”

My opening thoughts as I began to listen to Brisbane based outfit ‘Osaka Punch’.

Osaka Punch’s music could be described as groove laden funk rock. It could be described as progressive metal pop. It could just be the wackiest, grooviest, most interesting thing I’ve heard all year. I wanna party to this music. I wanna dive off my couch to this music. The blend of low-tuned guitars, feel good grooves, catchy vocal hooks and quirky surprises puts them in the league of their own. Hands down one of the most fun and intriguing artists in our heavy music scene.

Production values are high and sounds really good up loud. (highly recommended)

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Polaris – Regress (single) 2015


Polaris are a 5 piece band from Sydney playing heavy music in a similar style as Northlane/In Hearts Wake etc and yet have quite remarkably managed to retain some originality and appeal with their delivery despite the now tired genre being full of cliché’s and tropes to avoid.

Having released a great single earlier in 2015 titled ‘Unfamiliar’, the expectations were nudged up a notch to anticipate something pretty decent from this outfit and whilst the band plugged away at the writing and recording bits a zillion other things have happened i.e. tours, other albums, that star wars trailer…you know…stuff!

So it was quite a splash when they dropped this new banger (complete with a new video) into our newsfeeds. And well…the results speak for themselves. If this is the precedent for what is to follow, 2016 is all theirs. You get some huge riffs, powerful vocals and a lot of dynamics. Listen for that huge note that just hangs in the breakdown (2:06) …oh man.. highlight moment for me! Its so dirty.

It’s described as Metal/Post-Hardcore and whilst I don’t argue that those pigeon holes are accurate, they do leave me wanting to use anything else to describe them for the fear of putting off potential new listeners who maybe (like myself) are cynical towards their chances of actually having something cool to offer.

Grab both singles from the bands unearthed page for free, go follow em on Facebook and grab a shirt from a show. You’ll want it in your wardrobe when the band blows up next year!

Tracks here: