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Salt Money – First Breath (2021)

Salt Money hail from Brisbane and this is their second release. It’s only 4 tracks..the entire thing runs for like 8+ minutes..it’s fast, frantic, abrasive and I love it.  Think melodic skramz/powerviolence/OG screamo and you’re there. A little less metallic than thier debut, arguably better though. Continue reading Salt Money – First Breath (2021)

Treehouses – 3am (single) 2015


Hailing from Perth, ‘Treehouses’ do this blend of spoken work/screamo/acoustic music that’s been turning a heads since they dropped the full length ‘Id Rather Forget’ in late 2014.

On the new single ‘3am’ the band open with soft acoustic guitars and pretty female vocals reminiscent of Jayne Tyrrell’s sultry tones.  There are nice harmonies and just a touch of background noise which all seems pretty by-the-book folk for the first minute. Then as a subtle slide guitar blends in (as if right on cue for any alt folk group) a spoken word passage comes in. They swap over and then overlay the spoken and sung parts against the background of this slow cruisy track has all the right ingredients to catapult the band into hipster/indie fandom.

With about a minute to go the screaming component of the bands sound comes in and rather than employ a more confronting up-front vocal which would typically isolate this band from audiences less familiar with that sound…it’s set back in the mix to compliment the melancholy and emotion of the other sung parts.

It’s not what I was expecting. Before I can make up my mind about whether I liked it or not I’m hitting the replay button to go at it a second time. And a third.. fourth…tenth time and so on. It took time and repeat spins before concluding that yes…this is definitely sincere and beautiful and raw music that needs to be heard,

The band have shot a video to accompany the release and support the upcoming 6-track affair ‘Extended Family’ which is available for pre-order now through bandcamp. You can pre-order the cassette release of ‘Extended Family’ through Spit The Dummy records as well.

Check the visuals here:

Order the tape here:


Listen to all their stuff here:


Sincerely Grizzly – Halves (2014)


Adelaide outfit ‘Sincerely Grizzly’ have put together an outstanding full length debut titled ‘Halves’. Seriously…it’s really impressive! The band (a three piece) incorporate twinkly-emo guitar parts and big melodic instrumental passages (a-la-post rock) but in-between all this musical noodling is a punchy little pissed-off emo/indie/rock whatever band bashing away for good measure!

It is quite impressive on the first listen through as the bold tempo changes and sing/scream delivery hit all the right marks. Fans of Piano’s Become the Teeth & Touche Amore will get down with this right away ..however.. this band does not sound like they are merely mirroring their influences. This is quite unique and indeed creative enough within the genre to be something honestly worth giving your attention.

The songs each vary in length (from 3-9mins) but there’s a lot on offer within each song. At times the track appears to have ended only to return after a moments silence whereas at other times the tempo/style changes are drastic enough that it’s hard to tell if it’s even the same song! These twists and turns are just as fun as the instantly and familiar heavy/screamy bits.

Released in December 2014, possibly the worst time in the year to put out a record, many may have overlooked this gem or not even heard about it all.. well now is your chance to make up for that!

Get it here:



Love Alone – Zero (single) 2014

...dem feels...

Melbourne 5 piece and sad-boiz club members ‘Love Alone’ have released a new track ‘Zero’ which follows up their insanely good split w/ ‘Hindsight’ (SA) from earlier this year.

This blast of emotionally charged and expertly crafted music lasts just over 3 minutes and touches on all the key elements that has made this band a standout in 2014. There’s the ambient bits at the start, fast punk bits, screamy bits with punchy stop start moments, slower melodic bits..and the production is just what you’d want, all the instruments are present, the mix is balanced and powerful, vocals right on top, drums dead centre and guitars typically enormous. Lyrically this ones a tad on the sad side, gets you right in the feels.. you have been warned.

The band is offering it up for FREE/PWYW on bandcamp:


Sincerely, Grizzly – Kafkaesque (single) 2014


Power-trio from Adelaide ‘Sincerely, Grizzly’ dropped this 9 minute epic back in February. Sadly it’s taken me this long to get onboard..and just as im getting my head around this incredible song, I learn there is a full length headed our way in November titled ‘Halves’ handled by Black Night Crash Records. Frickin rad.

The band has a dynamic and powerful approach to song writing not often heard in the current wave of post-genre-screamo. The attack and urgency of the opening minutes lean towards early LaDispute/Touche Amore but as the song relents and unwinds the guitars back off, drums and bass carry for a while and semi-spoken word vocal delivery and noodly-guitar parts balance it out. It makes for a really memorable piece of music. The closing line which is repeated over the final moments of ‘Kafkaesque’ is an eerie little mantra ‘I wish I could wish you well/But I hope you go to hell’  and is bound to grab folks attention and set crowds into a manic chant full of mic grabs and chest bumps.

This is awesome! Bring on November!

FREE D/L via bandcamp…



Racoon City Police Department – Night Life EP (2014)


RCPD are a 5 piece band from Adelaide who play emo/skramz/punk music that reminds me an awful lot of ‘Off Minor’. With that said..I could probably leave the review right there and you should have more than enough reason to warrant checking them out. But wait…there’s more.

Featuring 7 tracks the ‘Nightlife’ EP is only the second release from the band and has proven to be quite a popular one since it dropped back in May. The band put out the CD, Annoy and Destroy put out the tape and soon I believe they’ll be producing a 7” to complete the collection! PLUS the band was offering it for free d/l (until they ran out) so obviously this music is making an impact and people are lapping it up! Luckily Age Crisis Records have copies of the CD for those who missed out on getting a copy during the bands recent tour.

The production is superb on this release and sounds really full!! Instruments are crystal clear, drums are punchy as hell and the vocals carry amazingly well above it all in the mix. Overall the band plays melodic/mathy/aggressive emo that will resonate with fans of Piano’s Become The Teeth/Tiny Moving Parts/Calculator/Caravels etc

There are ambient/reverb laden post rock moments, heavy-crust/hardcore moments, blast beats and impressive guitar noodling..in fact there’s more packed into these 7 tracks than a lot of bands i hear attempt across a whole album. It’s ambitious if nothing else!

Lyrically it’s really got some potency, loaded with metaphors and personal stuff like ‘i guess what im trying to say / its hard to watch a loved one slowly fade away / with every breathe you take / brings death closer this way’ on the opener ‘Lungs’. Wether born from personal experiences or stories, the words seem very personal and are delivered with passion and urgency.

This is  CLEARLY AND EASILY in my top-releases of the year. I am smashing this one on repeat. And i dont even like Resident Evil.

Buy it from the band for $1 at: http://rcpd.bandcamp.com/

Or buy the CD from the fine folks at Age Crisis Records


Or by get Tapes / Vinyl through the crew at Annoy & Destroy http://annoyanddestroy.bigcartel.com/

Or D/L from them..


Lyrics available on their web site..worth read, totes emo and shit.


Dead Poets – Paper Crane / EP (2014)

The punk/hardcore scene often disregards bands for being too familiar and yet at the same time..kids ignore the innovators and boundary pushers because they are too different!
So what’s a band to do? Play it safe and risk getting lost in the masses or push things forward and risk being out on your own? Well in the case of Dead Poets, they’re doing a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

The EP opens with these beautiful clean/roomy guitars, screamed vocals and an ambience familiar to fans of the genre. It’s a great moody start and I was glad to hear the big thick guitars and massive drums shift the band into heavy-mode about a minute into it.. I knew at this point the band isn’t just going to stray from the path…they’re going to weave all over it. One minute there’s a big melodic heavy section and then it drops off to a more restrained and quieter passage. It builds up again and releases the tension with the ‘heavy/big’ bits. So it stays interesting but it’s not entirely new either. Track #2 is the continuation of that huge opening track and gives more of the same. I wonder why they didn’t just make it one big long track?
By now the post-rock meets post-hardcore style is well established and the delivery is spot on.  And..I reckon the comparisons to Pianos Become the Teeth won’t hurt at all and are perfectly accurate for this material.

The screaming/shouting vocals carry really well, there’s some nice clean/backing vox early on but they’re quite subtle. Lyrically there’s some really intriguing imagery being painted here and although I’m not quite sure of the meaning behind it all, there’s clearly some thought being put in there. It’s loaded with quotable and memorable lines and phrases!

Track #4 ‘If You’re the Cure…’ is a real highlight track. Starting with the scowling vocals/clean guitar start which seems to be a repeated formula here it’s not until the double time/punk rock pace kicks this in the right direction and it feels freeking great! It also contains some interesting drumming that sounds like it belongs in a metal core band but the twinkly guitars keep it from going there and it’s actually quite an interesting moment. It challenged my expectations of the band to do what is ‘normally done’ and kept me engaged waiting to see what they chose to do next. Nice one.

Where I felt it all start to loose it’s impact was in the last track…a straight up ‘la dispute/tiny moving parts’ spoken word start. The band kicks in again as with previous tracks and but now leaves nothing to the imagination. Not saying it’s boring, but I have heard this before by other bands and even on the earlier tracks here. There’s the reverb-laden leads wailing over the top of the nice melodic chords and roomy drums and it feels pretty big…epic actually. Maybe this is where I was hoping for more experimentation…clean backing vocals? Cello? Even a nice instrumental passage to fade out? Instead it feels like it just gets wrapped up..kind of like..’wah? That’s it?’

Overall its plenty long enough, there’s maturity and depth, plus huge replay value to this EP and I fully dug the bands surprises and confident delivery of post-rock-hardcore music. This is a really good release for people who want some not-metal or hardcore music which still carries passionate and emotional energy. It’s clever and it sounds really really good up loud! Kudos to the engineer 🙂

It’s a Pay What You Want release via bandcamp and if you feel inclined, I reckon it’s worth some coin. A pretty damn solid introduction to a band that I will be watching with great interest to see what they come up with next.



RIYL: Pianos Become the Teeth, Tiny Moving Parts, Touche Amore, Calculator, Barrow, Caravels