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Wishful Thinking – Dreams Get Left in the Past (2019)


I’ve never done a ‘best-of’ release on here before which may be a result of most local bands just never bothering to compile their best tracks and publish a retrospective. I’m so glad that Wishful’ did this because not only is it the best album in their catalogue now, it’s a blast of memory filled and nostalgia fuelled good times. Continue reading Wishful Thinking – Dreams Get Left in the Past (2019)

Reside – Closing Doors EP (2017)


ClosingDoors_EP_Artwork_Press.jpgFrom the opening howls of ‘Fidelity’ and its melodic guitar searing behind it, I was instantly entranced. There’s an equal amount of melodic hardcore and punk rock to this that has my mind recalling the best moments of Set Your Goals and Citizen’s earlier work. Continue reading Reside – Closing Doors EP (2017)