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nihsahshsaH – Hashshashin

a1441544122_10Released this month, today’s review is about nihsahshsaH, the debut full length from the eastern math/doom/prog trio, Hashshashin.

Record earlier this year and released on the powerhouse Sydney label Art as Catharsis. Like other albums through AAC, this definitely has a lineage and connection to what’s happening in the sydney scene and that label; however this album looks at space and heaviness and crushing weight through a different lens in the form of an eastern spirituality insipired journey, through the platform of mathy doomy vibes. A very skin deep interpretation could be like mixing bands like Om and secret chiefs 3, with bands like lightning bolt and other AAC artists. Continue reading nihsahshsaH – Hashshashin



The scope of a pedal builder as we’ve seen in our past interviews truly does vary from person to person. More often than not though,  the common thread you will find with makers is that the pedals being made or modded are making sounds that are inspired and clearly attached to the persons love for a particular scene or genre. For Adam from (the awesomely named) El Shonko FX. He has translated a love of things nasty and noisy to the benefit of every absurdist, explorer and noisemaker out there. Continue reading GEAR NERDS – El Shonko FX

The Woman You saw is The Great City That Rules Over The Kings of The Earth – I Will Survive Failure

For today’s review, we have a submission from a group by the name of The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth. The album is a mixture of a really broad variety of influences. Twinkly math rock elements, anthemic Have Heart style melo hardcore, metal tuffness and a variety of unspoken influences from more various music realms that I can only guess at. For their third release I will Survive Failure, the band seems to have really upped the production and writing after their last release (My Heart Has Two Sides) and it pays off quite well. Continue reading The Woman You saw is The Great City That Rules Over The Kings of The Earth – I Will Survive Failure

Wartime Sweethearts – So Long Sparta (2016)


When this fell into my lap I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.
However I’m glad that it did and if first single “Figure it in, figure it out” from Sydney Experimental Pop Artist Wartime Sweethearts is anything to go by, the rest was going to be a treat. Continue reading Wartime Sweethearts – So Long Sparta (2016)

Hospital – Describing Bodies (2016)


‘Describing Bodies’ feels like an incredibly personal piece of art.

Opening track ‘Sister’ captures a sombre feeling and combines distorted synthy tones with understated drama. Vocally it reminds me of a young Cedric Bixler but this is nothing like At The Drive-In. More like Xiu Xiu or La Dispute without the anger…and more teen-angst. (*not actually sure if they are teenagers btw)

‘I Am, I’m Not’ carries more of the glitch-electro pop vibe but introduces more rhythm, pretty guitars and bass beneath to build momentum. This is where the material best finds it’s feet however the highlight is the next track ‘Daniel’. It’s got more emotion and energy than other tracks and uses some live drums to add a real band-vibe. A kind of spoken word intro gains momentum over a solid bass line and thumping kick building with guitars. Al erupts with a yell and the band carries the song out in a sort of goth/emo fashion. It’s pretty great. If you’re only going to check out one track from this.. make it #3. Gold.

Over all this is an 11 track release which largely sounds like it was recorded at home, (possibly in a bedroom?) makes good use of a variety of sounds like the synths and electronic beats, glockenspiel, pretty guitars etc. A higher production level would likely detract from the bands approach and whilst im not’s good cos it’s not..i kinda am. The lack of consistency and raw edges add appeal. There are surprises along the way too, one such unexpected gem was a beautiful piano instrumental and the ironically titled ‘Intro’ which is actually a pretty little outro played out on keys. Did not expect that.

The sprinkles of creativity and sincerely delivered vocals and personal lyrics make this a worthwhile listen. Backed.

The album is getting a tape release through this month, go check it.