The aim of this blog is to promote and celebrate all the fantastic independent and self made music, labels and gear makers which exist in the rich and diverse punk/rock/hardcore/whatever scene here in Australia.

From month to month we’ll feature albums, EP’s and singles from independent and local artists ranging from epic post-rock to intricate prog-metal, pop-punk to hardcore and all the in-betweens!

We’ll feature local and independent gear makers..people who make custom effects and instruments, build their own toys, sell boutique and unique tools from right here in our own backyard!

We’ll introduce you to the new crop of independent labels who are getting behind the musicians in their community and putting out bangers and jams at their own expense, on their own time..just for the love of it.

We’re glad you came by, hope you found something cool to check out. Follow the links, grab some tunes, find some bands, check out some gear.


The backstory..

It started with a podcast a few years back on iTunes which lasted only a few episodes. I was covering new talent I’d hear/see whilst on tour with my band. Although it was really well received, my computer kinda died and yeh..that was it.

I later picked the mantle back up as a blog and ran with it; writing during lunch breaks at work using their internet and computers. Then I stopped having time to write on account of ..well…life and actual work to do..kids..other things…so it again died off.

This is the third incarnation.

I know there’s a lot of great music on the radio already, plenty of labels funnelling dollars into artists already,  great gear coming off the production line already but..fuck em, they don’t need help. We know about all that shit already. However..the little guys… they’re the ones busting their asses to make something real and authentic. Burning their fingers soldering wires on new pedals, breaking their banks to record music, sweating their local to get a gig off the ground.

It’s in our Aussie DNA to root for the under dog and in this corner of society..of artists and creatives..the independents..the home based and hand made, labels..zines and different things if you aren’t in the mainstream you are the under dogs.

And I like dogs.

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Reviews, opinions and downloads from australian artists, labels and gear makers!

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