Wolf and Chain – Amor Mortal (2021)

If ‘An Honest Mistake’ was an introduction then ‘Amore Mortal’ is a night out on the town.

What a ride. 5 new songs and a short (but sweet) intro that left me not only satisfied, but genuinely impressed. The Adelaide 5 piece have not only followed up their outstanding debut with infectious melodies and furious chants, they have expanded the sound and filled it to overflowing. Guitars are busier than before and one of the first things I noticed was the dynamics and tonal changes used throughout each song. Each turn intended to serve the song when it’s needed. You’ll hear acoustic guitar one minute, Brian May inspired leads a-la Bohemian Rhapsody, filthy thicc walls of sound and intricate picking all in the space of a minute. It’s an absolute blast!

The established My Chem/Envy on the Coast/Panic vibes are still firmly in place much to my relief. This is what I’d hoped for. Theatrical, over dramatic melodic punk rock done to perfection.

‘Hex’ absolutely races out of the stalls with energy and passion, massive guitars and double time drums making for an all out emo assault. It’s great! Drums do a lot of the heavy lifting throughout ‘Amor Mortal’ with tasteful tempo changes and a bright cracking snare drum that cuts through. The performances all over are great but so much of this would be lost if not for the incredible production and mixing talents which have made sure everything has it’s place and balance. Absolute kudos to the engineer here, this sounds ready for the world stage.

‘Far From Home’ is another highlight with it’s change-a-minute attack that never lets you get comfortable. The range of tricks in this bands bag is seriously impressive and the way each mood is stitched together just goes to show how much time and consideration must have gone into the writing process.

To be critical for a moment, I cant really identify what these songs are about. A by-product of Jack’s  frenetic and busy vocals (which sound crazy good!) and the lack of a lyric sheet or booklet…a by-product of the digital age. This band has established that they are all about the concepts and themes so I’d like to know more about the story. Based only on the video content available I am assuming it has to do with a vampire love story (?) but I’d be in the dark otherwise.

This is a highly recommended pick from me and you can go get it here:



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