Wishful Thinking – Destiny Pt.1 (single) 2021

Destiny CoverWhat do you get when one of your favorite bands tackles a subject close to your heart?


This is what you get and it is an instant classic.

A 6 minute epic of ‘Greenday-American Idiot’ proportions that touches on the issues of drug use, social isolation, mental health and the pressures facing a lot of people under this weird and worrying climate. The song twists and turns through the trademark blistering speed and melodic passages with the drums crisp and sounding live and full. Guitars are well balanced and the vocals are pushed up front for full impact in the group chants and backing vocals shared by the band members.

Carl Jackson (vox/guit) sounds as passionate and in command as ever as he unfolds the story of a fictional character Destiny and her misadventures. Yes this is a made-up character however the story is all too real and informed by the accounts of many people who have struggled with drugs to drown out the pain, struggled to hold their head up amidst poor mental health or just felt straight out lost.

Subject matter aside, this song is absolute fire and leaves me wanting pt.2 NOW.

The good news: there is more on the way. SO stay tuned to their socials and follow the band as they take us on a journey which might well be the bravest and boldest work of their career.


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