Fake News – Everyday Warrior (2021)

Everyday Warrior by Fake News - DistroKid

Pop punk done right. This slays!

Right from the kick-off this fast paced and uplifting band from the Gold Coast play  music which carries my mind back to early 00’s golden era skate punk classics. If you enjoyed peak Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Victory Records and the like.. then this will whisk you back in a wave of nostalgia and ‘FUCK YEAH!’.

I’m picking up big Propagandhi vibes here and I am all for it. Maybe a touch of Four Year Strong too? Whatever the ingredients were that went into making this band, they were correct. This rules!

There’s slick dual guitars and double time drums, the pace never slackens and the vocals are dead-on the edge of breaking up, supported by great harmonies all the way through. I’m not going to single out particular tracks and moments to highlight, they reveal themselves quite quickly and early on so any casual or curious listener (like me) will get a decent pay off pretty quickly. And just to contradict myself completely: the track ‘Brainwashed’ which is right towards the end of the album… that one is just pure fire and demands replays.

Whilst the overall package here is hardly anything new and clearly a love letter to the influences they do nothing to hide, it’s been a while since I enjoyed a punk record let alone let one play out all the way. Normally my ears get a bit tired of the same energy for more than 5-6 tracks. Not here.

This was a breeze to get into. Accessible melodies and instant hooks, cool guitar leads and all the rad riffs and palm muted stops and starts you could want. This review is short one due to the fact that I simply cant find fault with this record and am enjoying it a hell of a lot. So are my work mates!

Highly recommended listening for anyone still sore over the most recent backsliding covid statuses… might be a timely little pick-me-up this week.

Hit this to go pre-order/save/stream-whatever:




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