All Hours – Perspectives EP (2021)

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Don’t judge a band by their appearance because what you see is not always what you get. That stupid TV show with the ‘blind auditions’ gets at least this much correct…as All Hours prove with style.

From the opening aggression of ‘Downward’ you get that melodic hardcore energy, tight guitars, busy drums, vocals screaming…and then just like Jekyll giving way to Hyde: All Hours reveal their pop punk side. The twist threw me off because I was really vibing with that hardcore front and then’s morphin time. Kudo’s to the band for bringing a big smile to my face with this clever misdirection. Or was it a misdirection? 

The title track ‘Perspectives’ goes straight for the smooth emo/punk anthem and feels like it belongs on the radio. Very slick, instantly likeable and accessible. I expect this will be added to many driving playlists. ‘Black Rose’ is a different jam all together with the needle flipping between pop punk/hardcore and pop directions! This track leans into the quirky appeal of synth-style melodies over the hard guitars, there’s some liberal vocal effects going on throughout and it’s actually quite effective all together. Like the mighty A Day To Remember have shown us; happy can be heavy. There’s a tendency however to assume that when vocal production includes tuning, doubling and modulation that it’s there to compensate for ability. I don’t think that’s the case here at all. I think the vocals are being treated like another instrument and that’s more than okay because in a live setting the band members would throw down and dig right in which comes across really differently from this controlled and highly polished offering. I think if nothing else I would love to see this performed to a packed room of punters. ‘Green Eyes’ is a catchy hook driven banger. What I really enjoyed about this one, apart from the insanely catchy chorus, was the nice double kick work beneath the rhythm. Lots of metal and hardcore idea’s being tested out beneath the poppy exterior! This is just another example of that mashup of styles which reveals itself all throughout the EP.

The band closes out with another side of All Hours…the slower, ballad-esque ‘Before I Go’. It’s a trope nowadays to wind things down with a slower or longer track at the end…and yeh they’re doing it anyway…BUT I couldn’t believe that this was the end of the EP! Do not skip this, don’t not be fooled, the ending is incredible. I genuinely felt like there should be more coming. I wanted more. My ears were certain ‘nah this isn’t over?!’ Check the video..worth it..all the way.

I felt a combination of satisfaction for what I’d just enjoyed and an anticipation for more. A great sign! For fans of pop punk and easy-core bands…this is a no-brainer. Get on it!! If you listened to Terra, Yours Truly and Stand Atlantic but wanted a bit more ass-kicking? Get on it!! If you jam with bands like Reliqa, Red Hook, Drown This City and Vilify but miss that pop-sensibility…GET. ON. IT. All Hours are setting the bar pretty high for themselves to follow a standout effort like this, fingers crossed for another dose and soon! 

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4 thoughts on “All Hours – Perspectives EP (2021)”

  1. I enjoyed this read, my friend. Emphatic powerhouses – I’m looking forward to more releases from them! You deserve a larger audience, the share and love for the Australian scene is strong with this one … !

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