one more timeCall it a reunion, a comeback, return to form, call it whatever you want but I say this is the aussie punk rock reformation 2020 needed.

Over the years this band has had its share of changes in location, line-ups, looks and labels. Throughout it all the band has somehow magically retained the energy and urgency of punk rock from an era that lives on through Tony Hawks Pro Skater soundtracks and skate video’s. We’re talking about that so-cal-melodic skate punk-rock made famous by Greenday/Blink182/NOFX in the late 90’s.

Wishful Thinking returned from retirement for a few reunion shows with the Porkers, Area7, Seraphs Coal and a few others a while back and re-lit the spark that led to the band recording new tunes. It began with a best-of collection. For a fan and friend of the band it was a great showcase of career highlights! Then they busted out some old an unreleased tracks to test the waters, see if anyone was interested in more Wishful. They were. So then fast forward to the cluster fuck that has been 2020, while riding the high of some amazing gigs back in March just before lockdown hit, they were writing again. The result is some of the most refined, concentrated and instantly enjoyable music they’ve ever done. Perhaps it’s the collaboration between brothers Lachie and Carl, the lingering nostalgia of punk rock of the past or the time afforded all artists during this awful period to hone their craft..what they came up with is just killer.

Title track ‘One More Time’ is an anthem, I Get Lonely’ is a feelings bomb, Time to Be Alone is an instant favourite.

What The Hell Am I Going To Do is arresting and powerful…might be my favorite new song of theirs.

There’s 5 tracks and an acoustic reprise of ‘Time To Be Alone’ and all it does is hype you up for more. The way the band can wrap themes and idea’s around a genre and find ways to make it feel new is a gift.

If you’ve been jamming Drastic Park, Skyway, Catholic Guilt, Dune Rats, Paperweight..all them..and somehow you’ve NOT added Wishful to your lists…shame on you. Not only is there a bunch of new bangers for your summer vibes, there’s an enormous back catalogue to dive in with equally rewarding content. I’m so glad this exists!

It’s up now on all streaming platforms, but seriously.. go to bandcamp, don’t be that guy.




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