vnQ1oGgAThis is a solid slab of melodic hardcore that really wastes no time getting down to business. Where many of their peers may choose to establish a mood or a vibe with an intro of some sort, here they just tear open a pit and throw you in it. Sick.

‘Vilify’ is a trio from Newcastle (NSW) and ‘Clarity’ is the first release from the group. However.. the members have all performed in a number of other acts such as SETMEONFIRE, Liberties, The Beautiful Monument and Cold Era. So with some appreciation for where they’ve been, it’s easy to see this as one very confident and intentional effort.

So you get 5 tracks. The first is ‘Habit’ which has already had some attention on the radio and a clip to go with it, you can check that banger out below:

The next 4 tracks tread over some pretty familiar ground and it’s just my opinion that if you enjoy what you got from Habit then the rest is a sweet ride. If you’re holding out for some diversity and creativity then you might be missing the point of a band like this. The riffs and intensity are at a near full-throttle the entire time. Amy is churning out screams the whole EP, there’s no little interludes or eclectic segways, it’s straight up like pouring gasoline on a campfire fire.

The mix is great, all instruments are clear and crisp, drums in particular. The pummeling double kick thuds along, the cymbals wash out bright, snare cracks hard, everything is how you’d want.

I’m diggin this, very cool stuff. Go hit the pre-save link to get it on drop day December 4.

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