Drastic Park – Imposter Syndrome (2020)

drastic park_imposter syndrome

An alternate title for this review could be “COVID as fertilizer – How a pop punk band survived and thrived under the worst conditions’.

Everyone is experiencing this pandemic from different places and positions. For musicians it’s dealt a critical hit..if not a finishing move for some. At first it seemed like the goal was to ‘hang in there’ and deal with it, then as things progressed the goal posts moved to just ‘surviving’. Some bands and artists have found their feet and made something despite restrictions and finding workarounds. For this band…it’s a direct reflection of that impact.

For starters, the lads couldn’t go and record traditionally as most would with an engineer and a studio loaded with gear and spaces. So they figured out what they needed to do it on their own, bought the gear, did the work, watched the tutorials and read the manuals. Literally, on their own. Parts were written and shared, sent back and forth and then tracked in isolation.  The songs themselves address much of what everyone is thinking and experiencing. The opening line of the explosive and all-too-short ‘Patience Wearing Thin’ pretty much nails it:

“Is this one big weekend or a never ending week”.

Yep. Feeling that.

The EP is 6 bangers which cover much of what I had hoped for from Drastic Park: double time, high energy, catchy choruses  and hooks everywhere!

‘Feels Like Forever’ was the first taste of the EP and with the video they again showcases the way this band has come around to finding a way forward during these trying times. Lots of home shot stuff and people at home getting in on the action! I’ve seen a few of these fans and friends’ video clips released for bands whilst we’re all stuck…and this is as good as any of them. Good fun. The song really captures how it feels for us Victorians..“This story needs a happy ending but it just goes on and on”. Truth.

The latest single ‘Work of Art’ features Cassie from Terra who lends her voice and energy to the song. It’s a great fit! These two bands should tour together..whenever that becomes possible again?? What’s great about the video is the way there’s a contrast between the green and pink colours which kind of mirrors the lyrical theme as much as the vocal male/female thing. Chris gets a great section to pull out some shiny bass lines and chords in the mid section break and as the track hits its peak the end coda hits ‘smile for all the world to see’. It’s a great lift. This is music for right now and we need it.

I have to make a mention of the absolute anthem ‘B+’ which closes the EP. Not going to spoil it but if this isn’t viral by the end of the month the world is truly broken. I might make it my ring tone.

This EP is solid work under normal circumstances and outstanding under the current ones.

If you dig the pop punk angle, you like catchy, fast and fun music.. then waste no time in grabbing this. A great effort from a great band.




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