Terra – Into Deep Blue (2020)

terra cover

I like this band, I’m a fan of good songwriting and great melodies. I’m a fan of great performances too and this band delivers.

Under the current restrictions it would be difficult to say the least for any artist to adequately assemble a full band production for release so Terra have gone the only other way that makes sense: drop some acoustic tracks.

‘Song for Maddie’ is the new song, a beautiful tune that carries a thoughtful message about friendship and what it means to support one another through hardships. It’s got the feels, the lifts and the subtle dips that reaffirm the bands ability to craft killer songs without needing the punch and impact of big guitars and drums to get it there.

The video doesn’t show it, but the added vocals, guitars and mandolin really enhance the song and would feel right at home on any alt-folk or indie-pop lovers playlist.

The 2 acoustic versions of older songs ‘Breaking’ & ‘Confidence’ deliver the same quality and despite the alternate arrangements, still come across as solid and memorable.

It’s been said that the measure of a good song is if it still sounds kick ass when stripped of all the extra elements, then it’s a winner. So…by that logic, Terra are onto yet another winner. Personally I’m disappointed that there’s no big rock moments to be had (because they do that stuff SO well!!), but given the conditions we’re all working with, they get a pass this time. This is super nice, mellow and easy to listen to.

Definitely worth the time!

It’s out now on all streaming platforms, go hit it!




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