Wolf and Chain – An Honest Mistake (2020)

wolf and chain

15 years late, or exactly right on time! Sounding like some of the very best Victory/Equal Vision/Rise records roster circa 2005 Adelaide’s ‘Wolf and Chain’ are undoubtedly going to turn heads when this gets out. There’s 2 reasons I’d bank on this band being set to make waves, playlists and tour lineups:

  • If you are fond of MCR, Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Envy On The Coast, Receiving End of Sirens, Closure in Moscow or any of the other bands in that group…then you likely haven’t moved on and still love this stuff. Therefore you’ll love hearing this.
  • The material is absolutely outstanding without needing comparisons to appropriate the way they sound. It’s just damn good rock music.

The EP opens with the title track ‘An Honest Mistake’ which erupts with energy and lands a chorus within the first 30 seconds. Expert level move right there..because..that’s exactly how long (on average) a new listener will give an artist before deciding to stay or skip.

It’s a banger, you wont want to skip.

‘Murder Song’ starts mixing darker themes in whilst maintaining a playful approach. I’m impressed at the way Wolf and Chain dance around the edges of weird-carnival music and straight up hardcore and bring it together in a cohesive and aggressive way.

‘Repent’ was released early in lead up to the EP but appears here as a slightly more fleshed out version. The band has a certain theatrical and dramatic flare to them and it’s well executed in this song. ‘Ladies and gentlemen..gather round gather round!’ It’s a fun start to the rollercoaster ride that this track is. The organ sounds mixed in with the massive guitars are a nice touch too!

‘Interlude’, despite the title..is not an interlude but rather the more balanced and dynamic song on the EP which takes it’s time, lets things simmer a little and builds up to it’s pay off contrasting the immediate and explosive tracks before it. I was very glad to get something like this on such a short EP, if nothing else it really drives the hunger for more material out of this group. I love the furious bursts and colorful punk infused jams but a longer, deeper trip down the rabbit hole is something these cats can do really well.

This fills a huge emo/punk shaped hole in my heart.

It’s been on repeat since I received the thing (currently on 6th play through whilst publishing the review). It’s a short but really fun ride and my ONLY criticism is that it isn’t longer.

This is absolutely sick. I’m so totally on board.




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