Cloud Tangle – Kinds of Sadness (2020)


Summary: ‘Kinds of Sadness’ is a brilliant dark, ambient & dreamy album that effortlessly loses itself between soundtrack and post-rock territory. There is nothing that will adequately fill the void left behind by Fourteen Nights At Sea since they stopped. Cloud Tangle might just be the next best thing though. When I need to calm my senses and find my center I put this on. I leave it on because it’s beautiful.

This is a solo album, Amber plays everything and manages to create these ethereal soundscapes from her home in Brisbane. Previous releases were more deserving of the bedroom/lo-fi artist tag whereas on this debut full length Cloud Tangle feels like a seasoned and focused artist.

Amber’s voice is haunting, smooth and beautiful. It’s really nice to hear it so clearly and confidently. She draws out the notes just long enough for them to decay with reverb making her voice another instrument in the balance. The guitars are mellow, just as sad and feature prominently on most tracks. Throughout ‘Kinds of Sadness’ you’ll be able to easily identify the picked notes and clean lines she plays over the melodies and keys. Where it gets really fun is when you let her ear follow the lower drones that roll beneath and pick up on the synth and bass tones. I get tingles.

On an ambient album like this, the sounds must be evenly matched, mixed to a point where the blend between an instrument and the delay/reverb trails following nearly disappear into each other. She’s nailed that. The percussive/beat/blips and loops are so subtle that I get an ASMR reaction to them. Seriously. Not since Bjork’s ‘Vespertine’ have I found such a reliable source of relaxing and somber music! A strange combo, sure.. but seriously..give this a listen and tell me I’m not wrong.

There’s a lot to enjoy here and a high replay value to boot. Get a tape from the good people at 4000Records or if you want added aesthetic a 12″ vinyl variant is also available from FaslsePeakRecords. Highly…highly recommend this one. It’s really special.


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