Live Review: Ebonivory, Glass Ocean, Chino Saturn, Introspect – Workers Club, Melbourne 13/3/20

Glass Ocean

With a tinted red glow seeping out of the cubby hole stage, an intimate and moody vibe diffused through the Workers Club Bandroom in Fitzroy.


Sydney based  Introspect, playing their debut Melbourne show, and third ever in total. They began in 2019 supporting glass ocean in Sydney and quickly seized an opportunity to support Chon earlier in the year, and now alongside Ebonivory for their ‘After Dark’ Australian tour.
This five piece use two guitars, bass, drums, and a variety of piano samples to give a subtle hardcore punch, with a lick of soothing melody. The female vocalists cadence finds similarity with Dolores O’Riordan, tucked in-between groovy Northlane type breakdowns from the band. Attributing the slightly stiff stage performance to their recent come onto the scene, we will see them putting on more great shows that improve as they play more.

Chino Saturn.

Chino Saturn performed as a four piece band, with drums, keys and guitarist who manned a sampler rig for a full 808 bass feel, delivering heartfelt and romantically involved lyrics. The opening sound gives the impression of hip-hop, pop electronic influences, garnished with fleeting moments of pop punk. Throughout the set there were clear moments that jumped from different genres all glued together in a cohesive sound by the live band, even bringing in a didgeridoo for subtle texture in their final song! The vocalist confidently pushes his voice to hit amazing highs and sweep rap esqe type runs while keeping a naturally bassy tone. Topped off with some well placed reverb and delay throws, you really cant help but admire the details. All band members gave an equally relaxed and well prepared stage presence, leaving a comfortable vibe in the air (or ear) to kick back with everyone and enjoy the music.
Chino Saturn
Glass Ocean.

This five piece band makes up a complex and full sound, using prerecorded samples in pro-tools to fill in gaps. An entirely wireless setup on all guitar made movement on stage natural and free. Their vocalist has a heavy theatrical style shared cadence with artists like Caleb Followill or Patrick Stump, preforming clean vocals to the contrast of the bands metal sound, lightly sprinkled with electronic synth samples, and gentle ambiance giving smooth and groovy breakdowns in-between. Two worlds came together to create a heavy hitting melodic wave of emotion and energy, easily instilling the melody into the legs and hips of listeners who helplessly begin to move with the beat. They were in their zone, having already crafted their sound they delivered exactly what their fans expected.


Out of Ballarat, this five piece band from the first note give a more distinct metal sound, pulling inspirations from what sounds to be a number of genres and gluing it all into one enjoyable performance. Showing subtle similarities in sound to Pierce the Veil, Chon or Chiodos, all the while feeling familiar and still remaining refreshingly authentic. Groovy, powerful bass comes in waves of plucked, strummed, slapped, and walked. Complex rhythm, original and quirky musical contrast, energetic and precise drums paired with clean and distorted singing. Impressively the vocalist looked to cover two jobs worth of vocals with hardly a breath between, only leaving some clean notes to fall short. Ebonivory’s comfortable stage presence invited movement, and very clearly displayed their authentic enjoyment of the music they play.

With a big thanks from the bands and patrons to Eli Shamravi and Wild Thing for their part in organising the night. From top to bottom delivering a consistent ambient energy that carried through sets, exposing us to a variety of genre-bending sounds and explorations of Prog.

Words and Photo’s by Samuel Knight


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