Wolf & Chain – Repent (2020) single

[Single Cover Art] Wolf _ Chain_Repent

Hold up…hold up…where the hell did this banger come from??

With all the concern circulating around news of cancellations, shut downs and uncertainty this week it’s nice to know that there is still a steady flow of new music releases to soothe nerves and occupy us even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Enter: Adelaide’s Wolf & Chain and their debut single ‘Repent’.

They are channeling straight up Dance Gavin Dance/Taking Back Sunday/Panic at the Disco vibes and I feel better already. If you are a connoisseur of the 00’s emo/punk movement then this is going to feel more like a throwback than that scratched CDR you found jammed in the back of your car seat with ‘Emo Mixtape 2006” scribbled in black marker. It’s fast, busy, melodic, angry and catchy. It could have been used on the soundtrack to ‘EmoGame’ perfectly. Maybe a boss battle?

actual game that features great bands, music and iconic emo figures from the 00’s …


Jack’s vocals carry that distinctive higher register (a’ la Craig Owens) that soars and screams like a dream. Guitars have a lot to do shifting between clean staccato chops and big chords, picking, sliding octaves, pick scrapes and all the punchy gain you could want.

Drums are a driving force that never let up, great hats/cymbal work, fills are tight and balanced, the mix is lean so you can hear everything. In short.. this thumps. Not a dull second in all of its 3 minutes and 49 seconds. I was sold at about the 0.15 mark.

This is straight fire, count me in for whatever follows this!

Free download at: https://wolfandchain.bandcamp.com/releases

Follow at https://www.facebook.com/wolfandchainband/

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