Deathbeds – Sinner (2020) Collision Course

deathbeds album


This Canberra based 6 piece have conjured up a challenging and dark concept to wrap their music around. Whether it’s in response to the slowly unraveling moral code of religious institutions or the exposition of corrupt leaders within the community…I can’t say. Whilst clearly a work of fiction adapting the 7 deadly sins into the narrative, a lot of the message is lost amidst the vocals and sheer chaos of the music. It doesn’t hurt terribly much though, any fan of this style is going to get a lot from the sheer amount of riffs, crushing breakdowns and utterly energizing music.

You’re gonna need the liner notes to follow the story however.

When reading the album credits, I noticed that infamous string-arranger and all round mosh girl Misstiq was listed as having contributed to the material. Without hearing a single beat, I knew right away this was going to be fire. The opening symphonic passage on ‘Gods Way is My Way’ proved correct. I imagined this kind of thing playing in the foyer of Hades, where lost souls are standing in line to be processed in their eternal damnation or something. Anyway the intricate and honestly beautiful  strings and keys that feature throughout the album are stunning. I’m looking forward to the play-though videos already!

Bonus points for the pick scrapes and string bending though. The axes have a field day churning out everything from clean ambient picking, dischordant harsh noises, tri-chords and of course low tuned djent-chugs. It’s a very full bag of tricks.

The production is nigh untouchable. The clarity and balance of the strings, keys, guitars and drums is so dialed-in that even at ear bleeding volume or conversational levels, this sounds amazing. It’s very clear that the band took care to polish this to shine.

I really enjoy Kit’s vocals in the chorus of ‘Whats Mine is Yours…’ and the way the band was able to add some melody without resorting to a stylized/auto-tuned trope. It brought to mind memories of early Gathering/Within Temptation era metal. Would LOVE to hear more of that in the future. She appears throughout the album for sections and totally owns the space. Skip head to the end of ‘Forgive Me Father..’ for more supporting evidence that we need a Kit vs Deathbeds side project.

Having said that…the other MVP really is David and his command of vocal duties. Damn, the guy can do all the angry things. I wont go on, the job is expertly handled all the way from the bleghs’ to the screeee’s and in between. To call it tough doesn’t do it justice.

As musicians they all slay. Bass needed a boost in the mix..or some dirt..a low mid scoop..something to push a little more, it gets buried too often. But I critique these elements harshly because it’s my craft too. To be fair.. there’s only so much presence you can hold under a blast beat or blazing 16’ths from guitars. The exception is a tasty-AF break in ‘Enough Isn’t Enough’ which had me frothing…give me more dammit!

In closing I’d highly recommend this to anyone feeling a little disillusioned with the current metal landscape. This is some tasty dark stuff loaded with highlights and moments you’ll want to show your friends to get their reactions! I’d position this somewhere between Polaris greatness and Gravemind level scariness. Very impressive.

It’s 8 tracks…no filler, to the point and uncompromising till the end. Absolute FILTH. I love it.

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