Drastic Park – Last World (2020)

Drastic Park - Last World_cover

Everything you want from a modern pop punk release.

This band is brimming with energy and focusing it all in exactly the right places. From production and recording quality, performances and song writing..this band is positioning themselves to be your next favorite group.

The EP titled ‘Last World’ (*obviously a cheeky nod to the film of a similar name!) offers 7 tracks .. 5 songs and 2 interlude/filler bits. It flows well and hits hard with the immediacy and instantly accessible appeal of a band well above their years.

With ‘Nostaliga’ the easy-core vibe is alive and sounding huge with a great use of syncopated double kick and unison chugging. The happy/heavy combo is a well worn trope but it’s clear that Drastic Park are drawing from a range of tools at their disposal because the huge chorus that follows is some next level Four Year Strong stuff and really caught me off guard.

‘Bother Me’ picks up the pace and adds some grit and attitude which is more than welcome in 2020. This was the first track I heard by the band and admittedly caught attention right away, the way it fits into the bigger picture on the EP is great and not a flash in the pan track. I would happily sit through 9 more tracks just like it!

‘Little Things’ gets the video treatment and is the banger getting the airplay at the moment. Rightfully so, it gets stuck in your head and reminds you of all the good things about pop punk. If nothing else the way this 3 piece use dynamics, big/little, stop/start and sing/shout tricks just sells it. Not my favorite track, but a wise pick to get broad appeal.


On the mix side, the drums punch through, the kick has a certain slap/attack rather than a ‘click’ which suits. You’ll notice it. The parts are solid and at times just plain fancy.. some great fills, tight double time and big grooves where Jordan really leans into his cymbals and opens up his playing. Nice work.

Chris’s Bass playing is thankfully more than a supporting cast member which is where many pop-punk contemporaries would have it. Rather than merely chase a root note around, there’s some runs, some really bass-cool chords in there as well as the traditional bass and drum moments that serve the song. The guitars are big..if not a little unrealistic, definitely necessary for the vibe the band gives off. It’s standard power chords, octaves and brief picking bits but.. it’s good enough for Blink and its good enough period. No complaints here.

Where it shines is the hooks. John and Chris don’t hide the drawl aussie voice, they go for the harmonies and work well together. The melodies and choruses are really bloody catchy, the shouts and chants are memorable and if you aren’t slightly annoyed by the way it gets stuck in your head…did you even listen?


What this EP lacks is the sort of stuff usually reserved for an album. Guitar tone’s, effects and instrumentation. Song idea’s and styles, lyrical themes and all that. If ‘Last World’ is like an entree’ then I can safely say the wait for a main course will be hard.

Pre-save the thing on spotify so you can jam this nice and loud when it drops in full on Friday 28th! CLICK THIS:  https://smarturl.it/2rm5mr

Follow their adventures here: https://www.facebook.com/drasticparkband/


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