Saviour – A Lunar Rose (2020)

lunar rose

Preview: Nothing but utter praise beyond this point.

The state of heavy music in Australia is at an all time high. It seems every state has their champions and exports, plus the surprising up-and-coming talent turning heads. It really is a good time to be a hard music fan!

Cue Western Australia’s Savior and their latest work ‘A Lunar Rose’. It’s been a couple years since their last album and certainly things have moved on a touch since then. So in 2020 what does Saviour have to offer?

Heart. There’s genuine emotion and energy in this. Less bravado and more sincerity.

Proper heavy tunes. Not just lower tuning and more breakdowns…it’s an attitude as well, in the content, the themes and yes.. filthy riffs..

Melody and musicality unlike we’ve had from them before. I expect Shontay (keys/vox) having a lot to do with this…she features prominently.

I’d say this is their crowning achievement. This is peak ‘Saviour’.

Production quality of ‘A Lunar Rose’ is sensational. The mix between the heavy guitars and high-parts blend well and the tight low-mid range punch of the bass sticks out. I cant say enough about how important this is…and sadly how often it’s missed. The kick drum punches but never overtakes the other low frequencies. What im sayin is shitty desktop speaker, headphones, car..whatever.. this sounds huge.

Keys and ambient stuff sits wide in the stereo mix and you get it all really clearly. Vocals are default.. right in your face and shouldn’t be anywhere else. Bryant turns his throat inside out with ferocious intensity and in truth.. from his opening lines in the introduction track ‘Lunar’ to the closing moments of ‘Pixelated’ he’s just all-in. This works in tandem with Shontay who in her own right more than carries the band through it’s accessible and melodic passages. There’s a hell of a lot to be impressed by.

Case in point: ‘Enemies’. Great pick for a single, having now heard the rest… this is a good snapshot for the range of material on ‘A Lunar Rose’.

WARNING: video includes clowns. ughhh…hate clowns.


Real talk.. I would not have listened to this entire album from start to finish (I actually did) if the constant change ups, riffs, breaks and melodies weren’t so engrossing. I have a ton of other stuff to do, but I chose to digest this whole thing before writing. I can’t fault it. It’s amazing. I’m adding my voice to the already overwhelmingly positive chorus of praise for this band right now..but this is just fire.

A Lunar Rose is set to be released on all major streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music and will be complemented by album CD’s and a rare run of vinyl copies available online at

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