Rosella – EP (2019)

Rosella EP Artwork for Bandcamp

Combining twinkly mid-west indie styling’s with some bridging math-rock idea’s and dreamy ambient scores, this EP release from Adelaide group ‘Rosella’ is going to land a hit with fans of that sound.
Want to know if this is for you? Take the MIA ‘Does this emo suit me?’ quiz to determine if you’ll like this music.

You like Sunny Day Real Estate but don’t know anything released after Diary.

Your top five albums include American Football…twice (or more)…

You refer to Jade Tree, Saddle Creek and Deep Elm as the holy trinity.

You can complete the sentence ‘The World Is A Beautiful Place And…..’

You subscribe to all shoegaze, dream-pop and math-rock playlists on spotify.

Your dream super hero team-up would be Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc & The Get Up Kids.

If you answered ‘YES’ to 3 or more of these questions then congratulations! This is going to nail that craving for noodly, sad and melodic meanderings!

sad music meme

Jokes aside, this is essentially 3 great songs with field recordings interwoven to form a very chilled and interesting 7 track release. It could be argued that the band would have been no worse off just releasing a three song EP but the added elements set it apart and draw the listener to a ‘place’ and ‘time’ reflecting the artists journey behind the music. I personally think field recordings really enhance some releases because they create a connection to the real world as opposed to a studios closed and controlled environment.

This is a solid little EP that deserves your 15 minutes. They recorded it in June of 2018 and finally released it into the word just before xmas 2019 so as far as fanfare and promo goes..this has been well under played if for no other reason than the timing.

Get at it here: from your choice of digital outlet.

Or just go here>

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