Glass Tides – In Between (2020)

GT - Promo album

Big vibes, solid hooks, riffs and feels.

I won’t try and make out like this album is at all inventive, surprising or ground breaking in the slightest. Unless you have never heard Basement, Citizen or Title Fight…then you’re going to disagree with me. I will state that it is better than the most recent offerings from all of those bands simply due to the no-nonsense delivery and consistency on show across ‘In Between’s 10 tracks.

Glass Tides play a pretty straight forward form of emo-rock that makes excellent use of big thick chord progressions and no-nonsense, solid and steady drums. The focal point is the song. Vocals are sung, quiet, shouted and very much reaching for anthem-territory. When the group click as a unit it certainly brings that feeling, scale and size to the table.

This sort of music is something I really enjoy. I appreciate solid songwriting that builds on a pop-punk framework and adds melancholy over optimism. The group establish the pace early on with the thoughtful and measured ‘Crawling’, a song that uses the dynamic quiet verse, big chorus and banger riff all within a minute. The production is maintained throughout the album and where it might have needed a few different textures in places, comes across really strong right from the start. Track #2 ‘Somebody Else’ is like a different slice of the same cake, perhaps taken from the side which gets a little more icing.

‘Waste’ is more akin to something you might expect from a latter day Bring Me The Horizon’ if for no other reason than the immense chorus and group/chant that blows it to another level. It’s a well chosen single because it’s a really super strong song and gets the hook in nice and hard, but it’s also a misleading ‘first taste’ for newcomers.

If you come looking for more of that, you might only come close with the track ‘Insecure’ which gets darker and carries more of the mood. Sadly it never really becomes as heavy again and perhaps the band is using this album to purge regrets instead of vent anger. That’s fine, the album is bloody great…they just sound their best when they are going all in.

‘Mirrors’ is a fittingly mellow and reflective piece that uses a guitar and vocal alone to communicate the loneliness and isolation. It’s a song better left bare so the words can come through. The band uses a programmed beat towards the end and it’s just enough to keep the interest long enough to close out the song.

This tonal change is revisited in the last song ‘In Between’ which essentially builds to a crescendo and brings back the energy which appeared earlier on the record. I liked the way they closed it out, not pitching for a 6-7 minute epic or an acoustic minimal slow-burner…just the 10th song in a row.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the album and it was really easy to sit through the whole thing, several times in fact. I expect to come back to it many more times over.  Glass Tides have an absolute belter on their hands with ‘In Between’ with great songs, solid musicianship and balanced production to bring it all together.

I hope they get a little more unhinged and adventurous next time however. It might be just that kind of missing element of ‘risk’ which takes it to another level.

Follow the band to see where they’re going next and catch this stuff on the live stage! I think it will definitely be worth it!

Go listen! Pre-save it, stream the songs, go go go!

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