No Sudden Moves – The Shape Of Things To Come (2019)


 Delicious, dark and full of textural layers ‘The Shape of Things To Come’ is a post-rock delight from Melbourne based artists Nate Hill & Geoff Kerr under the moniker of No Sudden Moves. It’s an apt name to work under because in this genre nothing happens quickly. There are no ‘sudden moves’ per se.

At the heart of it all there is a post-rock album..8 tracks. Guitars, drums, rhythms, progressions, vocals (in a choral medium, not lyrical), synths and of course…lots and lots of ambience. Production on this is top notch. There is so much diversity and intricate difference between sounds and tonal characters used here…it makes for a very rewarding listen on headphones.

On one hand..the synth/ambient stuff is droning crystal clear..then in comes really decayed and modulated guitars, distant sounding drums..traversing lo-fi territory and then it all swells together like pulling a shot into focus and feels purely cinematic.

That word sums it up well. This is a soundtrack. Not, however for a film.

No Sudden Moves - art

Behind the music..this project has a visual element. Artwork composed of incredible photography and digital elements by Nate Hill. Kind of mesmerizing to look at whilst the album plays. There’s unique artwork for each track. If you purchase the digital album you forego the physical accompaniment and possibly a fair measure of the overall experience. Vinyl is available with the prints included to hold in your hands and appeal to all more of your senses.

While listening I was reminded of other amazing Melbourne post-genre acts like ‘Laura’, ‘Because of Ghosts’ and my favorite ‘Fourteen Nights At Sea’ as well. This is in that caliber of art. Not because they sound alike (although….) but because they have that mood-enhancing element. It’s instrumental music that wont necessarily capture your attention (or distract you) unless you deliberately focus in on it. It’s a subtle thing. Where some bands in the scene will take the progressive rock style forward like aussie champions Sleepmakeswaves and WeLostTheSea have done so successfully.. No Sudden Moves is way waaaaaay more chill.

At just under 38 minutes this is just the right length to enjoy and leave you wanting some more. In fact..i’m going to put it back on and do some work.

Purchase/stream here:

Check out Nate’s photography here:

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