Hunter Hero – Better View (single 2019)

Here’s a short review .. this song is good. Proper good.

Here’s a slightly longer version.

It’s solid. Not mind blowing, nor head turning with surprises or tricks. A perfect introduction.

A well written hard/alt/rock song, recorded and mixed really well that is as consistent and measured as it is big and powerful. Robs voice is sitting somewhere in the peak-DeadLetterCircus/early Karnivool sound…the band is sitting somewhere just behind that so it’s clearly a less commercial and more sincere project. Good.

The ex-members tag that came along with this release put me off listening at first. I did not care for the music produced under those monikers..and I’d argue that whilst the connection is fair, this music is better. This I can get behind and honestly say that I’m following with interest.

Keep this trajectory gentlemen. I would happily consume more if it promises to deliver like-wise. Nice work.


Grab the track..

Or watch it… learn the words 🙂



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