Introspect – Ad Astra

introspect_ep cpver

Ambient, lush and at times aggressive and complex. This sums up the works of Sydney band ‘Instrospect’ featured on the new EP ‘Ad Astra’ which has no connection to the Brad Pitt film.

Never having heard of this group prior, I went in pretty blind as to what they would present but a few idea’s were pretty clear right from the beginning: post-rock spaciousness and progressive djent was in abundance…so straight away I loved it. What really struck me however was Felicity’s beautiful and powerful vocals. Sitting somewhere between Within Temptation and Jinjer.. this powerhouse has something really quite impressive to offer in terms of creative song structures, dynamics and variety within the genre.

The EP opens with an intro/instrumental that sets up nicely for ‘Ad Astra’. A track that explodes in a doom-infused guitar onslaught with blink-and-you-miss-it riffs.

Melancholy vocals float in over reverb drenched clean guitars and measured drums. It’s huge. The energy picks back up and then the insanity takes it to another level. Clip below..hit play..prepare for epic vibes.

Sovereign (new single) still retains a connection to the sound this band has established but pulls new tricks and makes good use of guest vocalist Jacob Wilkes (Above, Below). This is a B-A-N-G-E-R.

Earthrise’ is more of the sweeping sound and big soaring vocals over post-metal. Nyx’ closes out the EP with equally engaging energy and brings piano in to feature towards the end. What sets THIS band apart from their peers is perhaps what they DON’T do rather than anything else. Breakdowns? No. Blasts? No. Sweeping shredding tapping face melting guitars? No. Hooks and choruses? No. Cheesy synth lines? No.

There’s a lot of tropes to avoid and they’ve managed to dodge them all. This is a really refreshing and imaginative approach to the style and if they are this good live id wager we have a new contender for an international export on our hands here.

Brilliant work.

It drops October 18.

You wont be disappointed.

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