Bonniesongs – Energetic Mind (Art as Catharsis) 2019


Hype. While I normally feature harder music (as is my preference) sometimes a curve ball comes along that just floors me as a listener and it doesn’t matter what ‘genre’ tag fits…the only thing I can say is this one of the best albums of 2019. Easily.

Haunting and unique vocals from Bonnie, harmonies and layers a plenty, cello and strings to die for by Freya, dark delicate guitars, ambiance and percussion when needed. This is sublime and unforgettable.

The album lures you in with the ‘123 & 123 Reprise’ which ..if  nothing else.. gives the listener a taste of the vocal delights that await. Prepare yourself for Imogen-Heap-level looping and post-rock bliss! It feels playful and cute but before long the piece reveals the ambient and experimental edge that becomes a huge feature throughout this album.

‘Barbara’ is the standout track for me, gives me chills. The subtle drone and glissando cello parts that swell up and down, the melancholy of her voice and then the creepy chorus ‘they’re coming/they’re coming for you Barbara/they’re coming for you’. It’s simply stunning and the ending is a crescendo of layers that has yet to fail at giving me tingles. You can check that out right now..

‘Cat & Mouse’ is a piece that noticeably swaps the ‘sounds’ and layers for a clean guitar and vocal that changes the mood. The gloomy-indie delivery is great, but the chorus has a slight ‘lift’ to it that teases something more. That payoff comes at the end and it’s fantastic, but trust that while the songs on ‘Energetic Mind’ might be mostly lazy starts and quiet beginnings, they build-up to something quite special in every case…there are absolutely no miss-steps here. None.

There’s a fair bit of variety in terms of instrumentation and songs on the record but the sound stays relatively on point for a slow-burning, dark beautiful collection of songs that remind me of Bjork, Cat Power, Jose Gonzales, Sufjan Stevens and Engine Down. All kinda rolled into one unique mix.

Another highlight is the track ‘Frank’. The beautiful harmonies, the epic cello work adds a very ‘nightmarish’ feeling, the drums gradually build up and the line ‘I am a monster’ repeats. This could very well make a brilliant cover choice for a willing heavy band. *this wont make sense until you hear it…so you should probably go to the single launch this month. See link at the bottom.

I could go on for ages about the various elements of this album that I find remarkable but no one would read that long. The surprisingly band-driven indie pop of lead single ‘Ice Cream’, super creative vocal performance and parts at the end of the song, the gorgeous guitar sounds, this is a cracker of a tune. The 7/8 jam is great until the end when the ‘I’ll-have-Vanilla!’ breakdown drops.. and that is all i need in life.

Oh and enjoy a fun video to go with it too:


This is incredible.

FRANK’ single launch..go watch the new video when they launch it July 25!


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