Gravemind – Conduit (2019 Greyscale Records)


This is as good as you could hope for … in a filthy, heavy, destructive way. I like what this band does. It’s unapologetic in severity and uncompromising in pushing death/core to new grounds. Gravemind’s music is sometimes a challenging listen if you aren’t a committed follower of the genre but in context, the band do something pretty cool within that concept and that makes them an interesting band to follow.

‘The Effigy’ opens the album with an eerily atmospheric kick in the guts which serves as an intro for the album and a lead in to the second track ‘Reveal’. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly well mixed this music was. The bass is t-h-i-c-k and the drums are punchy as hell. Guitars are balanced and split perfectly while Dylan’s vocals are front and center. Everything is in its right place and sounds huge.

Instantly enjoyable, this onslaught of riffs, grooves and energy blows away my pre-conceived idea’s of what to was expect.

As with the first couple of tracks, ‘Volgin’ feels more like the next movement of a larger body of work. The blasts and grind elements are super hard and well placed but the it’s the bands use of melody and stop-start moments that’s just superb!

If you get through the first couple of tracks then you are in for a treat because the majority of ‘Conduit’ passes by in much the same way. I describe it as a ‘body of music’ much less than just a compilation of the most recent songs from Gravemind.

Solid album from start to finish, definitely worth your ear. It feels deliberate, focused and polished. Get on it. We’ll be talking about this one for a while i think.

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