Genetics – Cynosure (2019)


A slice of fusion jazz mixed with prog metal and all the riffs. Like..all of them.

‘Cynosure’ is 9 tracks of incredible music that reflects shades of post & progressive rock and yes…even jazz. It’s a unique blend that works well for an instrumental act with too much talent for their own good. Whilst Genetics obviously write amazing music they also employ recordings of speeches and spoken word rather than ‘performed vocals’ and this punctuates the pauses, steps and stages of the songs with a sublime efficiency. You’ll notice them immediately but never question if they belong. It just works.

In the opening piece ‘Pale Light’ there’s a beautiful lull in the song where it all settles for a moment and the speaker says ‘In all this vastness/there is no hint/that help will come from elsewhere/to save us from ourselves’. Then the band return in form and it is killer. The use of these samples and narrative spoken pieces just fits so well with the music and is spread all throughout the album.

The lead guitar work is tasteful and masterful. Fans of Ivanyi, Plini, Instrumental Adj. IBUILTTHESKY are going to devour this music. The bass guitar even gets to rip and takes its turn as a lead in places. I can’t express the satisfaction of hearing a band like this using bass as a semi-lead instrument this way. So nice!

Genetics can do the heavy as well, the low tuned and overdriven djenty-riff moments come in and out on track #3 ‘Samasara’ and even more so on the absolute monster ‘Kin’ which shows a shredding, bouncey metal side of the group. ‘Kin’ feels as epic and momentous as anything ive heard all year. Easily a stand out track.

The dischordant opening of The Chandrasekhar Limit’ is the polar opposite to the atmospheric post-metal ending and the way this band have structured these 5-6 minute pieces of music together deserves applause.

Production and audio is high quality, the levels between members are all well balanced, the guitars push up to the front for key moments and then recede, the drums are well hard and the performances are genuinely creative and supportive of the band as a whole. No show stealing here..but the snare manages to cut through without ‘snapping’ too much and you may notice a lot of snare rolls and fancy hand work. I appreciated this as many others in the scene might try and push particular elements above others, instead of just mixing better and countering frequencies. HOW they managed this in a garage…as beyond me. Save for the drums which got recorded done elsewhere. This is all class.

Hard to say a bad word about this. It’s simply amazing.

RIYL: Plini, Invanyi, IBUILTTHESKY, Mish, Sleepmakeswaves, Meniscus etc


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