The Last Martyr – Creatrix (2019)


A refreshing and promising offering from a band I want to hear more from.

‘Into the Black’ is a great opener and really sends your head spinning for the range of sounds and ideas the band explores. The safe and reliable hard rock motif is there, the screams and hard hitting riffs escalate things and then surprise surprise…it stops. A drum machine carries the song to a new place and it’s at this point I find myself genuinely interested instead of just listening to write about it. I wont go on but suffice to say I was intrigued!

‘Stay Awake’ is more-or-less a middle of the road heavy/melodic offering until the mid section drops and once again…all bets are off. The way this band dangles an idea out there and then quickly pulls it away before it gets old is just great! Your first listen through this EP is spent trying to guess coming next whilst trying to follow what’s happening at the time. Quite a bit of fun for any heavy music fan!

This band has some really great ideas but needs to sell some kidneys to afford the kind of production that would really do it justice. The mix is satisfactory and all the sounds are there however…overall it’s a little off. Something about the vocals, compression and the general mix doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a bit too squashed and in other places too flat. Drums have a similar problem, keys are not quite where they should be and the guitars are stuck in a muddy mid-range which lacks punch. Bass is there..but you would be forgiven if you didn’t notice. #anotherburiedbassplayer #pouroneoutforthefallen

On the flip side the performances are huuuge and everything is at peak effort which gives off some big energy. If you enjoyed the work of other bands such as Reliqa, Drown This City and Redhook, you’re in for a treat!

Another standout track is ‘Echoes’…a total ripper. I loved the tight shredding and double kick work in the beginning and just like the other tracks…just when I thought I had the songs direction figured out, the gig changes. It’s never too jarring, never feels forced…more like a gear shift until it builds up once again. The switching between singing and screaming is divine and I only want more of this! Far beyond a novelty, Monica is right on the money with the timing, the range and the severity of her vocals and I would argue that the band sounds best with the more she gives it. She slays. That’s all I have to say about that.

Creatrix’ is only 5 songs long but does everything right to feel like a complete piece of work. Sometimes bands will release what is basically the next ‘bunch of songs’ and package it together whereas The Last Martyr have release ‘a set’. I expect this material will absolutely shine in a live setting. There’s a lot to look forward to from this outfit.


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