The Omnific – The Minds Eye (2019)


The Omnific are absolute lords.This Melbourne based 3 piece have taken great strides to use bass guitars in non-traditional ways that will appeal to fans of proggy/djenty/mathy music a’ la Animals As Leaders, Chon and Born of Osiris. Two bass guitars duelling, dancing around melodies and patterns playing up high, tapping and noodling in tandem make it sound like there’s waaaaaay more than just 3 dudes behind it all. That is part of the appeal after all because it actually is just three highly talented people creating all this.

As if further proof was required, the band has released paythrough vid’s just in case there was any doubt. These videos are also great for demoralising anyone who plays bass and thinks they’re ‘pretty good at it’.

The drums hold it all together throughout the 6 tracks. For all the fret work and finger-tapping-mastery that’s on show, the lines would be lost if not for the rock solid performance behind the kit. I found that it was more important to know where and when a phrase started than just placing the 2 and 4 in the right spot for head nodding. You study the drums for these key indicators because like any prog-infused band, it gets a little odd and topsy-turvy and the snare and kick anchor the listener to the beat.

The opening track ‘The Stoic’ I covered earlier on the blog. It’s a darker offering that teases at the idea of becoming a metallic neck breaking onslaught. It’s what they ‘arent’ doing that gives the song its tension and curiosity. Very very cool opener for what follows.

The following track Khimaira’ leads more into a fusion-jazz territory with the softer sounds and gentle progressions. The song also blends in atmospheric/synth style pads behind the tappy-tap-tap-budda-tap’ that I really enjoyed.

‘The Lifeless Charm’ is just a difficult song to get my head around. The complexity, erratic bouncing, chopping and panning is dizzying. The syncopation between snare rolls, fills and the slap/chop/tap combos is mesmerizing.  Don’t understand 90% of what I just heard but it was 100% bullshit.

The surprise thanos-snap occurred at track 4 ‘Moonstruck’ when the band go full post-rock and create a wash of beautiful slow burning layers and melodies not unlike ‘sleepmakeswaves’. It feeds into track 5 ‘Final Tree’ and from this point on we begin to get more or this simulated-ethereal-space walk stuff.

In closing, the one thing I want people to know is The Omnific have made something imaginative and unique that challenges and inspires. ‘The Minds Eye’ is a standout release for 2019. Not just for progressive djent buffs or math-rock nerds but for music lovers. If you play bass guitar (which I do) you may need to change your pants afterwards. In my 26 years of bass playing, i’ve never seen anyone do half this stuff, let alone attempted it myself.

Here’s one more video for the non-believers.

The Minds Eye drops on May 10th (*which at the time of writing is just under a month away), so go and pre-order it on your preferred music store/supplier/website/place. This music, this band is incredible.


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