Reside – The Light You Saw EP (2019)


Well this is just awesome. Take a serve of ‘pop punk’, combine with one part ‘post-hardcore’ and roll it in ‘emo’. Let it rest for 12 months or more and serve.

The new EP from Melbourne outfit ‘Reside’ see’s them build upon every strength displayed on the previous release ‘Opening Doors’ and cuts right to the core of what makes this group so compelling: sincere and deliberate song-writing paired with the conviction and passion familiar to anyone in the punk/hardcore scene. It always makes waves when done right and this…this is done right.

The EP commences with a very Citizen-esque slow burner titled ‘Brevity’ that builds tension and has more breathing room than I was expecting. It leads into ‘Solus’ which unless you’re watching the track info, will feel like an extension of the first track. My favourite moment is the fuzzy bass and screaming vocals that prefaces the chorus. This is the feeling-full, passion driven side that works best in doses rather than showers. Reside have learnt what takes many other bands years to figure out; sometimes less really is more. So much more.

‘In This Moment’ is a killer take on the classic slowburn track which digs into your memory over time. On first listen through I actually skipped over it looking for the faster energetic stuff which I was initially expecting to find. It turned out to be my favourite banger on the EP.

Production is spot on. Everything is balanced, mixed super well and right where it needs to be. The bass even has some rattle and depth to it. Guitars are thick, reverbs are plenty, snare is bright and cracks through the mix great, kick drum doesn’t punish the speaker but finds the sweet spot to add the right amount of thud.

Vocally this material gives a much bigger platform for Liam to throw down and honestly shines even more as the band paces themselves. The use of harmonies, layering, the screams and yells all blend together beautifully. As a fan of the genre, this band, the whole applauding Reside for adding such a powerful entry into the market. Go and get your heads around this! Killer, killer killer!


One for fans of Luca Brasi, Trophy Eyes, Slowly Slowly, Ceres etc

Get it:

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