Japam – Sick Boy EP (2019)


Is it too early to start flagging artists for end of the year lists?

From the opening lines of ‘How did you go blind?’ I could tell the band was here to shake things up. On the ‘Sickboy’ EP these lads are stepping outside of the established tongue in cheek/heavy groove attitude to venture into a new territory. It’s full of feeling and intensity. It’s got the riffs, the huge choruses and hooks but DAMN if this isn’t a really hot new direction for them!

Guitars are dialled. So tight and bright, the low mids are peaked and give the rock solid thickness needed. It sounds huge. Bass is compressed, deep and maintains a presence sorely missed in other artists releases, there is a precise art to this..one that most bands completely mess up. Not here. Turn it up, you’ll actually feel the difference. Absolute credit to Seb Hudson and all the collaborators for the production work (Seb who also is the backbone of the band and axe weilder). Dude has skills.

‘Attempt 2’ is a straight banger. The groove is large…get your necks ready. The drums add a lot to the power this track punches with the pummelling foot work and kicks. Very tasty. The whole EP just kills in the rhythm department, no exaggerations. It’s so solid. Drums are clear, full of attack and the fills, rolls and energy just spills out every second.

‘Roak’ is another monster, taking what I said earlier about intensity to the most palpable limit. Maybe it’s the contrast between this and the bands earlier work but for me…Japam have never been serious contenders because they were just taking the piss so often. This material, this production and energy…Japam have never sounded so good. Now I’m taking them seriously.

Heads will turn.


What I DO NOT UNDERSTAND…is the artwork. This is the single biggest barrier I see for the band moving forward. I mean…if that image was all you had to go by, one would assume this is just a demo of some high school dick-joke punk band. It poorly represents the style and quality of these songs, or even this band. Why oh why would you do this to yourselves guys??? It’s like brewing a fine wine..and then serving it in tacky red cups..

Anyway it’s early March..im already calling this for my ‘top 10’ of 2019. Imagery aside, the band has surprised and surpassed expectations. The EP is straight fire.

The thing drops April 12th …pre-orders are up now.





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