SEIMS – 3.1 (2019)


Spoiler Alert: The following contains gushing, froth and hype. A lot of it. I’m not sorry.

Sequels are funny things, they either build on the success of their predecessor or dilute the source material. Aliens, Back to the Future II, Empire Strikes Back… all worthy and superior entries in their respective franchises. Then you get Iron Man 2, Matrix Reloaded and Transformers 2 which failed to inspire like the originals.

So it’s with great delight that I report SEIMS from Sydney has produced a sequel to their acclaimed 2017 album ‘3’ …aptly titled ‘3.1’ and it is a worthy and superior addition without diminishing what came before it. I call it a sequel because it’s more of a continuation than a new release, some recurring idea’s and sounds, some definite improvements have been made but more or less with the same cast and production team. Sounds about right.

Is ‘cinemathic’ a word? If it isn’ is now. Cinematic/Math rock..yup.. Cinemathic. This music has an epic flavour to it. As if the motifs and melodies that surge through the walls of noise don’t belong to a film soundtrack? Imagine a high budget independent film about giddy young arts students trying to breakdown complex philosophical concepts while puking rainbows over the side of a merry-go-round. That’s what this music needs to be paired with. I can already imagine a video clip. However..they’ve actually done one and not a merry-go-round in sight. Incredible dance performance though. Who’d have thought to marry the two forms like this? Wow.

 Everything I praised about ‘3’ makes a return only this time…wait for it…IT SOUNDS BETTER. I am referring to the mix here which has taken a tremendous turn for the better and brings the bass a bit more forward to reveal much more movement and tonality, guitars become fuller and a bit grittier, synths more complimentary instead of dominant and the drums…well…they’re a whole lot more balanced and crisp. The performances on all accounts is just phenomenal.

In short: 3.1 features three new compositions or varying complexity, not as deep as the previous album but definitely much more focussed and instantly enjoyable. This is seriously an outstanding work of art and if the brass, strings, keys and absolutely mental drum performances don’t get you excited then the intricate guitar parts and reckless bass playing that litters 3.1’ will knock you about. With each layer, upon every listen I’m noticing some new thing my ears missed the previous time around. It’s killer. Not a seismic jump as with its predecessor, more of a Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 kind of progression. Same, but better. Much better.

SEIMS ‘3.1’ arrives March 29th through Art As Catharsis & Birds Robe Records. for music…and pre-orders.

I’m buying a copy even though I already have it digitally. That should tell you something. 

RIYL: Battles, Physics House Band, Monuments to Masses, 65daysofstatic, or just music in general.

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