SETMEONFIRE – Lowtech (2019)


Imagine an album which brings together all the coolest electronic parts of every hardcore and metal album of the last decade, the interludes, intros, outros and instrumental sections…and just turns them into full songs. That’s what this is: an entire album of post hardcore riffs, choruses and electronic elements.

Not industrial, not EDM, not trap or dubstep..but just..computery. See below.

What it does does rrrrreally well. Some riffs come crashing through so hard that your neck involuntarily snaps forward. The vocal trickery and production is something along the lines of Imogen Heap and Oli Sykes. I think it works best when the singer is heavily filtered and layered as it matches the sonic real estate better than when he’s singing straight up. Overall though..very solid performances all round.

I really enjoyed the blurred lines between programmed drums..and deliberately electronic percussion and noises. The dissonance between what clearly wants to sound ‘real’ and what obviously ‘isnt’ just plays to the strengths of this whole project.

Guitars are just killer and the whole album stands firmly on the strength of the riffs and chords hitting the right marks. It’s very post-hardcore and tense but never seems to feel out of place. The balancing act between tacky and tasteful is wonderfully done here. It could have been an epic fail..but time after time the strings cut through and a new favourite bit emerges.

Being the brainchild of only two guys, this is an enormous achievement and one that I think a lot of heavy music fans are going to check out, whether they stay for the whole thing..i dunno. What it has in novelty…may cost it in shelf-life.

Once you get past the initial ‘oh wow, that’s unexpected’ reaction and then decide ‘yeah this is pretty cool’.. the lack of dynamics and depth which follows kind of begins to shine through a little too much. I enjoyed my listen through and found a number of cool moments but no one song in particular stood out. In fact I cant honestly single our highlights amongst the barrage of songs. This may be a result of consistent song writing and fluidity but for me it didn’t really stick with me. Just a personal reflection. Not a judgement. By all means I think fans of heavy stuff should give this a look in.

RIYL: Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon and Amity Affliction circa 2018-2019.

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