The Omnific – The Stoic (single) 2019


I wouldn’t normally cover a single for My Indie Australia…but when you hear some bullshit like this, one tends to feel compelled to just freak out and tell everyone.

2 basses and one drummer are all that make up The Omnific..but you would be forgiven for interpreting everything you’ll hear as belonging to a much larger outfit.

Accentuating all the poly-rhythmic and percussive elements now synonymous with DJENT and prog bands (looking at Animals as Leaders, Chon, Tesseract etc) this 4 minute assault is an incredibly musical and impressive reflection on modern progressive metal without ever using dirt, gain or fuzz effects. If you’re wondering ‘How can it be heavy if there’s no guitars..?’

Take notes.

It’s darker than the material they’ve previously released and in some parts the attack is pretty on par with Between The Buried and Me craziness. My hats off to these guys, what an amazing sound!

Get around it, they’ll be the next name on everyones lips much like Plini/IBUILTTHESKY/Ivanyi and their contemporaries.


Get it:


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