Loose End – Overthinking Everything I Know EP

0f422a28ed835cabf047cc3bc1434ebbSometimes first impressions can be misleading. I was not expecting this…at all.

This band captures all the energy of pop-punk with the downcast vibes of any emo band from the past 10 years. The formula is right there from the opening of ‘Cracks In The Curtains’ which works just as it should. Bens vocals hit all the right highs and lows on cue with. If you were to mashup Four Year Strong’s finesse with hardcore/pop-punk and Story So Far’s catchy melody driven rock..you’d have a picture of this. As a first impression this fell flat for me, but as I progressed through the EP I learnt that not all was as it seemed.

Second up is ‘Hiding In Someone Else’ which goes deeper, borrows less from the existing pallet of pop-punk tropes and holds down a straight forward driving pace. The kicker is the switch up of vocals…the breakdown (not a heavy one) in the middle, the leads and punchy as hell bass that snarls along through it.  Better.

Great video too!


‘Doesn’t Matter’ maintains the sad rock vibes and whilst a solid entry, serves as just another good slice of the rock. Same goes for ‘The Stress and the Envy’ with it’s growing up/friends/pizza is life’ vibe..yeh it’s cool, but it’s been done. Even if this is doing it well, you’ll forget it as son as it finishes. Still fun though.

Then you get ‘Identity’. Track 5.

What the actual fuck. This had me all kinds of excited. The band has a bridge between worlds with this song. If they move forward in this direction, we’ve got a new contender. Holy shit. The heaviest of the 6 songs doesn’t compromise the story telling or consistently pop-centred song writing, it just does it in a really angry way and I LOVED IT.

The EP closes out with ‘Jordan St’ which again flips the genre card and gets twinkly, sad, loud, catchy and ended up being a gem to finish on. This was released ahead of the EP ad a single and had an intriguing video to accompany it.

The mix is great, the balance between all the instruments is well done and sounded great in the car as well as my crappy work-computer headphones. Vocal production is high, the layers and harmonies are set well and the diverse amount of screaming, yelling, growls and shouts are all complimentary rather than competing. What im saying is it sounds rrrrrealy good.

Get on this. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot into this release, the clips, production and art..it all suggests Loose End are a band to be taken seriously.

Really keen to see what comes out next from these guys and which way it goes.



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