Charlie Fuzz – Kink Guitar Pedals


One knob, one footswitch, two homicidal glowing red eyes and a lot of noise.

Welcome to the simplest weapon of fuzz destruction from Kink Guitar Pedals: The Charlie Fuzz.

Sometimes you don’t need all the switches and knobs, sometimes you don’t want to set it up or dial in a sound. There are times when ‘on/off’ is the most complicated you need to get and the Charlie Fuzz is essentially this. Kick it on > noise. Kick it again > no more noises.

If you turn it up, via the unmistakably big knob, the volume increases but so too does the gain boost. Not suitable for the bedroom player who’s riffing at conversation levels, you wont get the best use out of it. Much like a tube amp, to reach that awesome break up it has to go hot. Take it to rehearsal. Put it just past 12 o’ clock and feel it.

The biggest selling point is that it’s great out of the box. Plays really well with your volume pot on the guitar, rolling off a bit gives it less attack etc and all that stuff. Mark has done the tweaking for you, the settings are built into the unit and it’s only draw back (for some) will be the gain/volume combo.

All the same, it’s a monster. Kinda like the guy pictured on the pedal!

Second selling point: size. The thing is tiny. So there’s no board too small to fit a Charlie on. For me.. another bonus is the 9V only power, no batteries to end up in landfill.

I enlisted a mate Tommy from the shoegaze-punk outfit ‘ISNT’ to give it the video/review. Check out the sounds this thing makes!!!

Purchase here:

For more fuzz ridden shoegazey goodness check out ISNT on socials here:

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