Straya Drive – Kink Guitar Pedals

IMG_5910Twin channel distortion with the most bogan aussie artwork ever. Love it.

When you see boards with tubescreamers, modded DS-1’s and Blues Drivers all paired with boost pedals…the purpose is to take your modest overdrive sound and elevate the gain into distortion territory. Or boost the volume. Depends on what you need. It’s a simple trick designed to emulate a channel switch on an amp which actually works surprisingly well with solid state amps because the hotter your signal, the more ‘oompf’ the effect.

So this unit..well…does exactly that. In one pedal. No tubes.

Side A is an an TS808 (famous little green thing) with the signature big volume knob, tone and gain controls plus a switch for alternate clipping modes.

Side B is a distortion. What’s cool is you can totally use either side on it’s own..or in sync with each other.

Logical reasoning for why this is good dictates that:

Less links in the chain = less things to go wrong.

Less pedals = less power drain + more board space + more room for new pedals. mounted inputs..even more space. Bonus.


Also it sounds hot. And that graphic is a conversation starter…to say the least.

Sound wise this is a real swiss-army knife. Go hard on both sides and end up having a near fuzz experience. Dial it back and stack the gains to get a staged drive section…crunchy rhythm tone and then *boom* shred and lead tones.

I recruited a mate to give this a run and share some reflections on it.

Tim plays in a band called Colour and Shade, a Melbourne based melodic heavy outfit who are all about their gear, the toanz and the riffs. With that in mind I knew he’d appreciate this little beauty and the video shows it. He did not want to give it back afterwards.


Here’s where you can go to ask Mark all about getting your hands on one of these. They’re made individually, by hand, at home for you.. how good is that?!

Check out Colour and Shade here.. good band doing good things that sound good.

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