Aburden – The Last Goodbye (Greyscale) 2018


Honest and passionate ‘The Last Goodbye’ is the kind of album to tease your melancholy and comfort you at the same time.

Opening track ‘My Best Friend’ is a solemn track, starting the album with a vocal and piano piece that fills the air with a spacious melody and live-room ambience. It sets up the avalanche of feelings to follow very nicely.

‘Sorry’ brings the tension and more downer vibes but now with band in tow. Aburden are not a ‘heavy-band’ in the strict sense of being an all dominating and abrasive act..but this has weight to it. The song starts out oddly reminding me of Hozier’s song ‘Take Me To Church’ with its nearly gothic/pop sound. Where Aburden differ is that they take the harder edge and run with it to end up in screams, thunderous guitars and a brief spoken word section. It’s utterly massive and terribly depressing.

‘Don’t Say’ harks back to the bands earlier work but with a much bigger chorus and anthemic feeling. The song gets right into the Balance and Composure/Touche Amore territory and that’s just fine with me.. they do it so well. With lyrics like “My biggest fear was never losing you/ it was loving you so much that I would lose myself” you get the sense that everything behind the screams, chords and band dynamics is meant to mirror or reflect something deeper.

The mid way point on The Last Goodbye has the golden tracks One For You & Need You, the albums highpoints. The energy is more concentrated and engaging. The instantly likeable hook ‘im done feeling this way’ gets right in there. The heaviest they get is right here and that fact that they only really visit this territory before shifting gears is a credit to the writers. ‘Need You’ carries it forward with a more spoken word ‘La Dispute-ish’ delivery and immense crowd vocals at the end just feel huge.

The range of moods, ambience and post-genre moments, the use of big band dynamics and smaller moments make this a real standout amongst the many acts operating in this scene. The album is bookended by an accompanying piano/vocal piece that wraps it all up very neatly.

The 7 (or 8) tracks of pure sadness and emotion is just about enough too. Any longer and things might have gotten a bit tired but Aburden keep it fresh and interesting whilst treading over some well worn ground. No doubt that this is going to make top 10 lists and help break them into a bigger market. The Last Goodbye is superb offering from the group and can only commend them for the effort.

Grab it here:





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