Absolution Fuzz – Kink Effects


The first rule of fuzz is: whatever works for one player will most likely repel another. As a result there are heaps of different fuzz based effects on the market. I clicked with this one.

When I got to play with the Absolution Fuzz for the first time it was in a local music store. I was curious about what kind of doom the little box would deliver and was instantly taken with it. The compressed, controlled and very responsive buzz that came out was really good with chords, responded well with volume control tricks AND felt thick and full. Like..Weezer fuzz..not Electric Wizard fuzz. (if you don’t know..google it)

Where it shines though, and I mean..rrrreally shines is with the vol/tone at 12” o clock and the gain somewhere near 1” o’ clock to get those 90’s grunge vibes. Seriously..i’ve spent hours running through Nirvana, Weezer and Helmet riffs with this thing. Fricking hours. This pedal just makes me want to play.

When gain is dialled to max..the pedal gives way to a much harsher fuzz that completely overtakes the platform. It splutters and spits like a cut snake however the main thing you’ll notice is how over the top the sound gets. If you like your post-metal/doom/drone sounds..then this is a great option. I’d compare this to a Big Muff…but dialled hard. Loads of sustain and sheer harshness. It’s pretty fun!

Extra bonus: Plays well with others. Boosts and overdrives go well before or after this, I also found it feeds well into a reverb with long decay. (Space-doom) Also single coils are good with this beast.

Cons: Doesn’t like buffers. Power supply on the side..rather than top.

Side note.. an old mate Pat did the artwork. It’s an evil Jonny Cash..in priests robes..giving the finger. Selling point right there.

Here’s my video:

*SM58 / iPhone + amplug…. sooo easy. Vox Cambridge Reverb Twin / Squire Telecaster ..powered by a Big Joe Lithium.. so isolated power.




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