Wildheart – We Are (2018)

wildheart-we-areStrong. That’s the one-word summary of this EP.

Melodic progressions, tasty riffs and grooves to move your head, the production is great and the vocalist has me wishing there were more indigenous Australians fronting heavy bands. I mean seriously..if there’s anyone in our country who has dibs on speaking out against a failed and flawed system..it’s our countries first people.

Lyrically the content is straight fire. Get around it. As I write, our government is once again up in arms over leadership and proving our lack of confidence in them is valid. Listen to Axel, a proud Yugambeh man, as he screams on the title track ‘We Are’:

“It’s the blind leading the blind leading the blind”.

On fucking point my man.

The syncopated chugs that open the track ‘Void’ are just the kind of thing fans of early Amity/Parkway and the like will rejoice in. It has that distinct Aussie-core flavour to it and is some of the most easily enjoyable material I’ve heard in a while.

Some points on this EP had me recalling the feeling I had when listening to Polaris’ for the first time a couple years back. You know when something just clicks and feels ready to blow up. This is like that. Calling it now.. band to watch in 2019.

Wildheart don’t over complicate things, they want you to get into it more than they want to show off their musicianship. I’m sure they could get more complicated and technical however the guitars especially show a tasteful amount of restraint and never over use effects or studio tricks. It’s good. Really good.

The absence of clean singing and those a-typical catchy choruses is refreshing too. I like it. The band is pissed off, not sad. Having said all that I look forward to reading lyric sheets and getting a better grasp on all that material and messages behind it if only to scream it back at them next time they visit Melbourne!

I really enjoy the shifts in pace and energy that are placed throughout each song. Tasteful blast beats are balanced with deep half-time grooves and the up-beat tempo finds it’s way back to a double kick laden break down seamlessly. I suspect they spent quite a while mapping this out so it maintains its flow and steady attack. It certainly helps that the drums are crisp, punchy as hell and well placed in the mix to punctuate all these brilliant moments.

My only criticisms;

1)    It’s too short. 5 tracks fly by and at the end of the closing track ‘Solitude’ energy is at a high point and then *bam* it’s over.

2)    Does this band have a bass player? No offence to the members but I cant hear it. At all.

Small things to fix for next time.

Do not sleep on this. Wildheart are really onto something here, potent as hell and packing a real punch. Very keen to see where the band takes this, hopefully everywhere and by this time next year I’m reviewing an album!

RIYL: Polaris, EARLY Parkway Drive, Architects, Ghost Inside etc etc

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