Hadal Maw – Idolatry (single) 2018


  1. Just so you know the future of Australian heavy music is in good hands.

Hadal Maw dropped an incredible album last year in ‘Olm’. It turned heads, blew some minds and set the band up for a schedule of touring and supports.

So thankfully they’re back and this time it’s an EP however, until that drops we get this first taster from it called ‘Idolatry’. Hold on to your seat.

It starts with a huge grindcore/blast from hell before finding a slightly more settled pace and the dischordant shredding persists. Vocals are in between shrill and guttural showing that even within this mono-tonal singing genre some definite skill and control needs to be mastered. Solid performance.

Only a minute into the track and there’s a really tasty lead/solo section that bares more than a little resemblance to Fredrik Thorndal/Meshhuggah which…lets be honest, is just fine. You go right ahead my man.

Love the vocals all on their own at the end. There’s something completely unhinged about it that tells me whatever comes next will be sheer and assaulting. Cant wait!

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