Gravemind – Lifelike (single) 2018


Heavy AF tune from a band that is entertaining a whole range of new idea’s and manages to squeeze em into nearly 4 minutes. Its an onslaught. It’s overwhelming.

The low-tuned (read: djent) sound remains intact for the majority of the song but it’s less proggy and bouncey that you’d expect. The use of dischordant phrasing, harmonics, squeals and noises are a real treat as they spring forward at random intervals making for a genuinely interesting listen. The briefest of blasts beats reminds the listener that they can still hit deathcore territory as much as the chugs and breaks reach back to the staccato-laden hightlights of last years ‘Deathgate EP’ but the energy here is new. The pace, the sense of’s worth keeping an eye on these cats to see where it goes from here. If ‘Lifelike’ is a statement of intent for Gravemind then I am very much following with interest. In addition to releasing the single via usual digital outlets they are producing a bunch of vinyl 7″s to celebrate. Tell me that doesn’t look awesome!


Dylan’s vocals reach between guttural lows, screaming highs and shouting to reach a crescendo moment towards the end of the track:

‘I don’t know how else to say it, weve been living in a dream world, a nightmare, and I think its time we woke up’

Bands of this genre are not especially regarded for being outspoken or particularly intellectual about their message but I get the feeling Gravemind have something they want to say and I’m listening. Check out the video below, follow the links and see where they’ll be playing to go see em destroy a room neat you.


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