Tapestry – Ghost Of Me (2018)


Darwin based sadcore band Tapestry have the goods to not only make a name for themselves here in Australia but possibly even world wide.

The quality of the songwriting is evidence enough for me. Despite the tired genre of sad/scream and sing/post-hardcore having really nothing new to offer, Tapestry have dug deep and polished 7 tracks using every trick in the book with tasteful selection and maturity. That’s the killer combo right there. Material on ‘Ghost Of Me’ is admittedly very familiar and touches on a whole bunch of influences and idea’s that have been done before. A spade being a spade…you’ll be ticking boxes and naming bands all the way through. However damning that may sound, the compositions and performances on each track only make this more enjoyable because it’s just so damn good.

I really enjoyed the use of clean guitars and bucket loads of reverb to great effect on quieter songs like ‘Sleepless’ & ‘Ember’. It really showed the bands range of skills and talents because the expectation was ‘they’re a post-hardcore band therefore it will all be angry’ and I was wrong. Nearly all the songs feature some kind of build up towards epic heavy moments and whilst most tracks are under 4 minutes, you won’t be bored getting there.

The massive hooks, stops and starts, the tight rhythm section all get to hit some huge homeruns too. If you pay attention to what’s going on in the background you might notice some accomplished tapping, fluid bass movement, very clever foot work and keys. The dual vocal style (not dual vocalists) is also done really well a la’ Thursday. The melodies are dark, catchy and the screaming pushes the tension and passion forward. ‘Dark Shade’ is a good case in point to show just how much variety can be brought together under the same genre. The soaring chorus and brooding group vocals towards the end are all indicators that ‘Tapestry’ have taken great care with their songs to make them as strong as possible.

Current single ‘Ghost’ is the standout track for me, it hits hard and it see’s the band drawing on all the members strengths. Like Voltron. All the separate cats come together to make this one big bad ass robot, except here it’s a song.

As an independent release this is outstanding. I can only hope that they don’t stop writing and can follow up with more music of this calibre. I get the hype now. I get it and I’m on board. This is a dead set winner and I give it 10 minutes before they’re announced for every support, tour and festival for the next year.






*old EP here: https://tapestry-au.bandcamp.com/

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