Instrumental (adj.) – Reductio ad Absurdum


It is no small irony that the tile of this album resembles a spell from the world of Harry Potter because this is some next level Hogwarts kind of shit.

What this 3 piece achieves together is something along the lines of a progressive jam session with middle-eastern, jazz and metal tangents.  It’s only 3 tracks but clocks in at around 18 minutes and they do so much with that 18 minutes, I have to wonder what more they could possibly achieve on a longer adventure. The first of the three works is titled ‘Yours’ and has a clearly identifiable first half and second half across the 7 minutes. It begins with tapping, nice chords, calculated and precise drumming and some very tasteful bass parts. It’s all class and pretty reserved. Then…after a brief pause midway all hell breaks loose. Shredding. Noodling. Crazy time signatures, noise all that comes with it and it’s fantastic!

There’s been a definite step up in the bands composition and song writing since the first EP and it makes for a really enjoyable listen that isn’t a chore to get through. Not saying that the earlier work was a chore, but this is more accessible. A tricky thing to nail without vocals. Progression as a band more so than just as players is what I’m talking about here and the outcome is stunning.

Production is right on the money too. Tight and well mixed, every instrument sitting just right. Kick drum punches just right, the bass is in the pocket just beneath it. There’s a decent amount of liveliness to the bass actually which helps to make out those unique pops, slaps and runs that aren’t just underlying the guitar. Very tidy work.

Now it would be poor form not to make some mention of how stupid and impossible some of the math and prog passages are. It’s like a tongue twister for your ears. Just trying to follow the weaves and turns gives me vertigo. ‘Panopticon’ closes out the EP with an utterly dizzying display of wizardy and technical bullshit that I’ll be revisiting several times to try and make sense of it.

Seriously impressive work from Instrumental (adj.) combining musical prowess and style. Do not sleep on this!


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