Talk Less: A decade of D.I.Y. by Lesstalk Records


‘Talk Less’ is a book available both in print and digital format which chronicles 10 years of the dedicated underground DIY label in Australia. It’s filled with candid and intense photos of shows, living rooms, laneways and garages getting filled with people, music, art and being torn apart!

You probably weren’t there. It wasn’t a big deal. The shows, these releases and artists aren’t trying to get all the attention. They aren’t necessarily trying to break through. They’re trying to be relevant and honest. So this book documents how Matheson and his people brought it all into being via that same organic zero-bullshit way.


MIA: Tell me about the process? Was it like hella nostalgic or did you have clear idea’s for what you were after?

Matheson: There has always been an element of nostalgia with Lesstalk, with the record label being a means to capture these moments in time. Somehow I always managed to keep copies of a lot of the old imagery from the old tours and festivals and events around Lesstalk Records. So going back through all the images was quite enjoyable. My intention from the start was to try and have content (interviews, quotes etc) from the time rather than retrospectively, so it has the energy and thoughts and enthusiasm relevant to the time.

MIA: What prompted you to assemble all this now?

Matheson: I guess it was because it’s been 10 years since the first release. Although, I did start planning to have it done at about the 9 year mark to give myself a good amount of time to get it completed by the 10 year anniversary and it took up most of that time tracking and arranging everything.

MIA: Is there a story behind getting ‘Employment’ to add a track for the digital book?

Matheson: The Employment track is quite an important track as we spent a good six months recording and mixing these songs for a Hannahband split that never made it to the public. So I guess it was a nice way for people to finally hear it without having to formally release it. And it’s just a really nice and nostalgic song that speaks about memories and learning’s.


MIA: Are we supposed to listen to it as we click through the pages? (or flick through a hardcopy!)

Matheson: Sure! I definitely remember listening to old Lesstalk releases while reading.

MIA: The DIY ethic is at the heart of the label obviously, did you have help mapping it all out and putting this thing together?

Matheson: Oh yep heaps of help! All the images, content and layout was a group effort between myself and the likes of Ben Rivers, Marnie Vaughn, Naif and Yasmin Shardlow who have always helped on the releases. Thanks guys!

MIA: Where the hell do you even get a book printed anyways?

Matheson: My friend Michelle who is a DJ works for a commercial print house so that helped to get it printed to look real nice (and to help proof read). My hope was that even if you don’t know the history of Lesstalk that you are able to relate to the book in terms of how a group of friends explore and make music and become humans and that the book inspires others to do the same. Please download for free from the bandcamp.


So there you have it, straight from the man..go get it, read it, look and listen. Learn and then go do it. Links below, check out all the releases and amazing artists attached to this awesome label!

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