Dreamers Crime – No Compromises (2017)


Solid as a rock.

However…from the starting bracket of this album I just couldn’t connect with it. The pieces are all there and I expect a lot of people are going to hear these same things with the only difference being that it will resonate and hit the mark. The pace is up and the riffs are solid, like ‘hell-yeah’ that’s a good bit. Dreamers Crime are a great melodic hard rock band that display excellent musicianship and songwriting skills and character but also …they’re a band that takes few (if any) risks nor pull any interesting punches over the 10 songs they’ve put down for ‘No Compromises’. Perhaps that serves the title well, that they didn’t compromise on what they wanted to achieve? I don’t know.

You either relish the idea of a really solid and consistent album worth a listen or you look past it for reckless and more ambitious artists.

I normally pass on albums which I don’t ‘really’ get into, it turns the task of writing into a chore..and honestly..i don’t write ‘fluff’ pieces to sate some bands ego. This one.. im making an exception for. Not that it’s a fake fluff piece, rather it’s actually a really solid listen and I’d say this is going to spread and take off like any good music should.

Key things to mention:

Really great vocals which despite sounding totally washed of any Australian accent, range from clean and soaring to the gritty and screamed. The harmonies and vocal layering is polished and well suited to the bands sound. Very pro. Very shiny.


Melodic AF. You can singalong to everything. The chords and progressions are easy to follow, no tricky odd time or proggy bullshit to tend with either. Your foot will tap, your head will bop.

Guitars are essentially dialled the same for the majority of the album, save for some quieter mellowed sections (and the last track..token acoustic ballad number). This I struggled with. Tonal variety is at a minimum, much like you’d expect from a metal/heavy band. I was unsurprised to see read that they tracked this all at Electric Sun in NSW. The place is like virtually synonymous with this meticulously polished sound. You want to sound like Northlane, Tonight Alive etc etc ..you go there. They’ve gone for the super processed and tightly compressed gain of a djent band without really needing too. There’s certainly some bouncy riffs, chugs and lots of tasty shredding going on for those lead parts but they do the rock thing well enough to leave the trends behind. (*hopefully next time)

Solos (yes solos) that bring in all the wah and noodling, sweeping and Kirk Hammet-ish metallic flair you can fit in 4-8 bars. It’s just a bit formulaic for me, you may dig it! I can see why people will froth over this. Those are not likely as ‘seasoned’ as myself and havnt heard all that stuff for the past 15+ years.

Built On Secrets, Mission in Motion, Closure In Moscow, House Vs Hurricane, have all treaded this path before Dreamers Crime. Add these cats to the list, sadly they’re just 10 years late for me to be into it.

I do recommend giving it a spin though when it drops Nov 17th. I know enough by now to be sure that a lot of you are going to jam this hard.



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