World Sick – Delayed EP (2017)


Sad music with guitars. Great.

Sad music with a wall of noise from guitars. Even better.

Melbourne’s World Sick have nailed this. The unabashed vocals are distinctly aussie  buried under a wall of noise that’s just the start, the drums are big and loud breaking through the waves in an over compressed & clipped fashion…also very sweet. The chords and progressions are melodic and slow but maintain the energy required to avoid getting too bogged down, this is also great.

The whole sound of this band suggests they like to stare at their shoes when they play while the audience clasp at their ears. (Thurston Moore & Kevin Shields would approve.) Everything here is as it should be. I am totally crushing on ‘World Sick’ and this love letter to shoegaze circa 1994. The uneducated ear will pick up on the modern day emo vibes and compare em’ to Title Fight and Basement among many other Run For Cover and TopShelf stalwarts but I think where the gold sits with this band is not so much in who they sound like, but what they sound like. Cranked amps, reverb and noise fill all the gaps in the mix and it’s full, oppressive, emotional and massive.

The band are also quite new to the world and ‘Delayed’ is their first proper release. 4 tracks of sad, noisey slow rock that gives exactly 0 fucks about being cool. Hence…it is way fucking cool. Typical Melbourne-indie fashion and appeal ooze from this 4 piece and it’s like an indirect combination of reckless abandon and careful consideration. So whether they want to be or not.. this is way…way fucking cool. Like.. right now cool.

The vocals will be hit or miss for some depending on wether you like singing along or just observing that someone is in fact using the mic and the mystery of what’s actually being sung. Honestly though, the presence of any singing at all is secondary to the gorgeous soundscape and swirling guitars and cymbals crashing and pulsing. This is evidenced by the first 3 songs being stock delivery and the fourth and final track ‘Hell’ just featuring the band. There’s absolutely no difference in the overload. That being said..i really like how the guy sings. It helps place the band in a local, Australian scene and yeh..helps to relate.

Love this.

Love this.

I want to see them.

I want a shirt.

Go give em a spin on bandcamp, grab the tracks for free of throw em some of your hard earnt. Follow them on socials, they’re gigging frequently and with some other amazing local talent. Good band doing good things!

RIYL: sad, slow, loud stuff, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Basement, Title Fight, Citizen you get the bloody idea yeh?

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